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Successfully finding a way to make curls last the night is quite satisfying. We've all been there: we spend hours curling our hair, only for it to go limp the second we step outdoors. After spending hours trying to avoid burning yourself with a curling wand, having them fall apart can really dampen your day. With these seven ways to make curls last, hopefully your efforts will go the night!

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Take Your Time

My hair is long and thick. This means it doesn't take me long to get frustrated with the curling process. The end result is usually one side looks awesome, and the other is flat. One of the simplest ways to make curls last is to section off your hair and take your time. If you don't have the time, use rollers instead.


Spray First

One of the simplest ways to make the most of your curls is to lightly spray a little hair spray over your hair immediately after blow drying it. Brush the spray out and get curling straight away. This increases the chances that they will last. When doing this, hold the spray around 30cm away from your hair. Go in too heavy and they will just clump.


Use Day Old Hair

Alternatively, you can use hair that hasn't been washed for a day. This method doesn't work for me, as my hair looks horrendous after a day. As a result, only updos are appropriate! If you can get away with it, then make the most of it. Slightly dirty hair is much easier to style and it tends to last longer.


Use Pins

If you have pins to your disposal, use them. Don't have any? Then go and buy some. Each time you are done using your curling wand or rollers, wrap the curl up tightly in a spiral on top of your head and pin it in place. After you are done, spray the curls with hair spray again and loosen them.


Brush Them out Gently

After using the pin method, brush them out gently. This will make your curls loose. Now, of course you can leave them as they are. However, if you follow the other steps properly, they will be tightly wound and may look just a little bit silly. It's completely up to you, of course, but not everyone enjoys that look!


Give Them a Final Spray

At the end of the curling, pinning, and brushing process, give them a final spray. When doing this, use a spray that comes with firm hold. Extra firm may make them a little stiff, mild spray may not do the job. I really recommend L'Oreal Elnett. It comes in a tiny can as well as large ones, so you can carry one around with you for touch ups if you like.


Use Your Common Sense

Is it raining outside? Then take an umbrella. Is it windy? Consider taking a cab rather than walking. After you have perfected your curls at home, the only step left for you to take is to use your common sense and stop them falling out!

Hopefully all of those steps will help you make curls that last the night! Of course they won't be in exactly the same shape as they are when you leave the house, but they won't fall flat either! If you have any curling tips, feel free to share them!

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This was really helpful thanks!

These tips make curls last the day, I was really hoping for bedtime hairstyles to keep my natural curls/waves intact

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