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Everyone wonders how to have thicker hair. Thinning or loss of hair is due part to genetics. However, there are things you can do to slow down the hair loss process. Here are a few tips on how to have thicker hair.

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Don't Brush Hair when Wet

How to have thicker hair is easy! One way is to resist brushing your hair while it's wet. That includes both in and after the shower. When you brush your hair while it's wet you'll pull more hair out. Instead, if you have to use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Combs gently detangle hair while brushes tug at the roots of the hair.


Don’t Tie Hair up Frequently

Tying your hair too tightly causes strain at the roots of your hair. Too much strain can cause hair to thin out in areas of stress such as around the temple. In addition, if you tie your hair tightly with a hair tie, the hair around the elastic is more prone to breakage. As an alternative, don't tie your hair up as often to prevent breakage and thinning of your hair.


Don't Brush Your Hair Too Much

I once heard you should run a brush through your hair at least 100 times a day for optimal shine. Brushing your hair several times might keep it shiny and neat; however you will increase the amount of hair breakage. Instead, keep the brushing to a minimum and only run a comb through your hair when you need a touch up.


Cut/trim Hair More Often

To give the illusion of thicker hair, it's a good idea to trim your hair frequently. It always feels like a gamble to get a trim because sometimes more inches of hair get cut off than what you asked for. However, a trim keeps the end of your hair looking even. Trims are important because hair doesn't grow evenly - if you let your hair grow without going in for a routine trim, you hair will start to look sparse and wispy at the ends.



Keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated is step one when it comes to thicker hair. Stripping the oil from your hair is easy but a lack of oil makes hair dry, brittle and weak. Plus, low levels of oil on your scalp also cause dandruff. Fortunately, it's even easier to nourish your scalp with oils such as keratin or argon oil. Apply the oil the night before and wash your hair in the morning!



Your body regenerates itself from the inside out. That's why a healthy diet full of fats and protein help to produce shiny, long locks. In fact, shampoos that claim they are full of vitamins and nutrients are not nearly as effective as a healthy diet that is full of vitamins and nutrients.


Avoid Too Many Treatments

Dying your hair, getting perms, Brazilian blowouts, etc... are a great way to style your hair and change up your look. However, frequent chemical treatments to your hair will cause balding, thinning of hair and an irritated scalp. Instead, only treat your hair with chemicals on a yearly basis rather than a monthly basis. As an alternative, look for healthier options when it comes to monthly touch ups to maintain your hair style.

Whether it is men or women, we all want a head of thick hair. Thicker hair looks healthier and fuller. Plus, thicker hair makes us look younger. What are other tricks to having thicker hair?

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Don't wash your hair everyday you remove oils that actually help your hair and stop straightening and blowdrying go all natural!

Is that effective? In how months or weeks will going to have a good and fine thick hair?

I saw your pic Karen. Sorry, but you look your age.

I'm a hairdresser:)

massage your scalp once in a blue helps the blood flow

When you have to brush your hair's wet, you should start from the bottom and gently brush your hair to the top

The women on my maternal side all have one thing in common ... we all look years (decades) younger than we actually are. I, personally, was still being asked for my id in my 37th year. If the woman is between 14 - 18 we look far older than 19. Once we hit 19 we start looking younger & younger. I'm just a few months shy of turning 48 & I'm frequently mistaken for being no older than my late 20's to early 30's. Can't lose for winning with the genetics on my side.

No makeup, less makeup, eating right, getting enough rest, water, water, water, prayer, meditation, serving others, humility...all of this has helped me. I'm 48 and don't look my age. Genetics definitely play a part. Even beat out younger women for a modeling photo session for a salon. Good luck ladies.

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