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7 Top Tips for Healthy Hair ...

By Alison

Healthy Hair is something that we all long for, yet it can be rather elusive. Instead of shining tresses full of life, we end up with limp locks. Our hair is such a significant part of our appearance that when we´re not happy with it, we feel dispirited. So what can you do to turn your hellish hair into your crowning glory? Try these top tips for healthy hair …

1 Limit Heat

Heat is the enemy of happy hair. As much as possible, try to limit the use of heated appliances on your hair. If you use a hairdryer and straighteners every day, your hair will soon end up dry, brittle and prone to breakages. So wherever possible, let your hair dry naturally, and use heated rollers or straighteners a couple of times a week at most.

2 Extension-Free Zone

Extensions are an extremely popular way of getting the long-hair look fast. After all, why wait and grow your own when you can have long hair in a few hours? There´s just one problem – extensions can cause serious damage to your own hair. Is it really worth it, when you could end up with thin patches rather than healthy hair?


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3 Diet

This means two things. Firstly, eat a good diet. Secondly, don´t follow faddish or crash diets, as your hair won´t get the nutrients it requires. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables provide the vitamins, and eat enough protein (which is, after all, what hair is made of).

4 Limit Products

As with skin, you can end up using quite a number of products to style your hair. However, it´s best to limit what you use, and how frequently you use it. Excessive use of products can make your hair dull, plus cause your scalp to become flaky. So then you have to use special shampoos to remove the build-up of products.

5 Sun Protection

One product that is worth using, however, is sun protection. Most people don´t even consider that their hair needs protecting from the sun, just like their skin. If the sun is very strong, however, it can dry out your hair. So when you´re on holiday, or if you live in a hot climate, wear a hat or use a sun protection spray so that you have healthy hair.

6 Brush

A quality brush is a good investment to keep your hair healthy; a cheap one risks breaking it. Also brush your hair before washing it; this not only removes the loose hairs (and stops them blocking the sink), but also gets rid of some of the dirt. Also remember: never brush your hair when it´s wet, but use a wide-toothed comb.

7 Massage

Are you trying to grow your hair? Gentle massage will help stimulate the hair follicles (as well as being rather pleasant and relaxing). Besides, we are constantly growing new hairs to replace the old ones, so massage will help produce healthy new hairs.

Healthy hair doesn´t have to be a dream only seen in shampoo ads (which are obviously heavily Photoshopped). There are a lot of ways to keep your hair looking great that are far more accessible. Hair needs to be treated well and not abused with overuse of products and heated appliances. Have you found any tips, like supplements, that give you beautifully healthy hair?

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