7 Styling Tips for Growing out Hair ...


7 Styling Tips for Growing out Hair ...
7 Styling Tips for Growing out Hair ...

Styling tips for growing out hair are exactly what a girl needs to make it through that totally frustrating transition with the least amount of hassle possible! After all, who couldn’t use an idea or two in times when hair starts threatening to get totally out of control? Luckily, I have just the thing for you – a couple of interesting hairstyles for growing out hair coupled with a few tips on growing out hair to help you not only look great every single day but have fun in the process too:

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Don’t Give up Your Trims

Celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler a.k.a the guy in charge of Emma Watson's fabulous hair had revealed a few awesome care and styling tips for growing out hair! In his interview for Hollywood Life, Rodney points out the importance of regular trims for keeping hair in perfect shape. Allow your hair more time to grow by giving it two weeks extra between your usual cuts, he says, but stay away from the no-haircut policy. Remember- You want a gradually increasing, well-styled length, not a shaggy mop full of split ends!


Curl It

Incredibly forgiving, versatile and great for adding volume, curly or wavy do’s are great hairstyles for growing out hair! Opt for a fussier, fully curled look when you crave a style change but don’t be afraid to let it become your everyday transitional style either, especially if you happen to have mad skills when it comes to curlers! Scrunched is another way to wear your hair when it grows past its ideal shape, not to mention how much of a great, hassle free option this is!



If your hair is straight, you may notice the process of growing it out comes with some pretty uncomfortable consequences. Once those perfectly cut layers grow and your perfectly cut style starts moving further and further away from its initial shape, flatness of some areas might become a serious problem. Who’d want a messy mop with no volume as a bonus! No need to worry as my next tip on growing out hair is going to help you get the situation under control! Simply switch to a volumizing shampoo and conditioner or get a root booster in case you don’t feel like making changes in your hair care routine. This will give your hair more body, prevent it from laying flat against your scalp and help you style it easier, faster and better!



Once you’ve taken care of the volume, it’s time to move on to the next on my list of styling tips for growing out hair! And that would be texturizing! Opt for a cool styling product (or a few) and experiment with many awesome looks other than curling or crunching it. You can opt for a sleek, straight texture to get your unruly layers to behave, go for a fool-proof curly look or experiment with a few messy looks that are sure to get you noticed!



Want more tips on growing out hair? Well, it’s time to stock up on hair accessories! Invest in regular bobby pins to help you tuck those unruly strands in but don’t say no to glam, chic, stylish and even quirky pieces which, in some cases,compliment a look better than jewelry! Fascinators, hats and scarves are also a great way to play up your outfit and show off your amazing style, not to mention quite of an accessory on their own and very practical in case you need to look fab but have no time for time-consuming hair styling.



Styling is a crucial tip on growing out hair, of course, as a simple thing such is a hairstyle (or a lack of it) may seriously influence your decision to go back to an old cut. It’s a vicious cycle, I know! You end up cutting it and telling yourself “So, what – I can grow it back anytime I want” yet keep going back for more whenever the style grows out a bit. But you will make it this time! And there are plenty of styles to choose from regardless of the stage of grown out your hair is in, you can take my word for it! In case you’re dealing with a bob gone wild, definitely curl or scrunch it for everyday wear or opt for a faux hawk, or a vintage rockabilly updo to go glam. Pixie will look amazing bedheaded, parted and sleeked as well as curled or hairsprayed and puffed up. Cuts of medium length are even more versatile so experiment with sock buns, braids as well as every day, classy or chic up do’s to keep your looks smokin’ on daily basis.


Care for It

You might be surprised to see this one amongst styling tips for growing out hair but everything has a reason. And the importance of maintaining hair healthy is definitely enough of a reason to discuss this little issue. You see, the fact that your hair will require a lot of styling in the process of growing out, doesn’t mean it has to get damaged as well! Use a clarifying shampoo once in a while to get rid of product buildup and focus on heatless styles to help keep your hair damage-free. What your hair gets from the inside is also very important which is why a healthy diet is highly advised as well as the use of natural, sulphate-free products.

Is there a particular, very special hairstyle for growing out hair you’ve found extremely helpful and wish to share with others? By all means, do so! Reveal your styling tips for growing out hair or borrow a neat trick listed by all those wonderful ladies who took time out of their busy schedules to post a comment and share their wisdom! Let’s make growing out hair easy! Ready… Set…Go!

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I've always wanted long hair but I get to a certain point and always cut it chin-length! This time I'm going all the way to my waist. Thanks for the tips - I'm excited to try them as I grow out my hair!!

Great advice! I'm so impatient though & I've actually just started wearing clip in extensions, it's another option. I feel better in the awkward stage of growing my hair & you can't even tell my hair is fake:)

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