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So I have really frizzy hair in the summer and I'm constantly looking for ways on how to beat frizzy hair when the humidity strikes! Do you ladies have the same problem? Do you constantly feel like your hair is frizzing up at the first sign of humidity? Well ladies, I've got the top 10 ways on how to beat frizzy hair easily! So you ready to learn how to beat frizzy hair without fussing over it?

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Choose Smoothing Shampoo

First ladies, let's take a look at your shampoo. What type of shampoo are you using? Does it have a smoothing agent in it? Well, one way on how to beat frizzy hair is to choose a smoothing shampoo! Trust me, when you start shampooing with this type of shampoo, you'll see a huge difference in how you style your hair and just how less frizzy it gets! Give it a try ladies!


Tame the Frizz with Curl Cream

If you have curly and frizzy hair in the summer, have you ever thought about bumping up the curls and kicking the frizz with a curl cream? There are tons of them out there and they really work! Whether you are looking for a way to redefine your curls or just looking to tame down that frizz, incorporating curl cream into your daily routine can make all of the difference!


Ionic Hair Dryer

There are tons of different hair dryers out there girls, but do you own the one that is going to help cut down on the frizz that you have? Ionic hair dryers are by far some of the best hair dryers out there for frizzy hair! This was totally one of my lessons to learn when I was learning how to beat frizzy hair, I had no idea a hair dryer could make all of the difference, but trust me, it does!


Anti-Frizz Fixing Spray

There are tons of different hair products for frizz out there, but anti frizz fixing spray is the best! For me, I use Garnier Fructis Anti-Frizz spray and it has worked wonders! Just spritz it on after you've styled everything and this is a great way on how to beat the frizz! The formula will keep your hair in check without any sticking or clumping. It will dry instantly for a perfect and strong hold – with no frizz!


Pin It up

One of the greatest ways to beat frizzy hair is to pin your curls up! That way, your hair won't have any time to frizz and instead, you'll have a nifty little updo! When it's really hot outside and the humidity is extremely sticky, all I do is take a few bobby pins and pin my hair up in the perfect little updo that lasts all day! A spritz of anti-frizz spray to the front keeps that part all in tact and pretty and I'm set to go! Quick, easy and no frizz!


SPF Protective Spray

SPF protection for your hair is really important and one of the greatest ways on how to beat the frizz. Just using a bit of this type of spray before you use your curling iron or even your flat iron is a great way to keep your locks looking sheen and shiny and best of all – frizz-free! Try it ladies!


Anti-Frizz Conditioner

Now, you've got the smoothing shampoo that I mentioned above right? You're probably wondering about the conditioner that would work best for you. Well, anti-frizz conditioner is the best partner to a smoothing shampoo and will ensure that your hair stays frizz-free and so pretty!


Shine Spray

One trick on how to beat the frizz that a lot of girls don't think about is actually using shine spray! Shine spray will keep your hair down and will lock in the moisture that your hair already has, without letting the humidity in to make your hair frizz! I use shine spray as my very last step before I head out the door!


Straighten Hair

One great way for us curly-haired girls to learn how to beat the frizz in our hair is to straighten it! While it can seem a little hard to straighten your hair when the humidity is thick, if you do straighten it, you will notice a huge difference in how much frizz your hair holds!


Weekly No-Frizz Hair Mask

Finally ladies, the last way on how to beat the frizz, is to do a weekly no-frizz hair mask! This will make sure that your tresses look smooth and will lock in the hydration that you have! For me, it's all about Living Proof and their Restore Mask Treatment. This treatment is expensive, but I promise that it works beautifully!

Well girls, there you have it! My top 10 ways on how to beat the frizz in this summer heat! Do you have any other ways on how to beat the frizz this summer that I haven't covered? Leave it in a comment below!

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I use biotin pills they make my hair and nails strong and I no longer have to deal with frizz

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