7 Tried and Tested Tips for Managing Curly Hair ...


7 Tried and Tested Tips for Managing Curly Hair ...
7 Tried and Tested Tips for Managing Curly Hair ...

Have you been dying for some tips for managing your curly hair? There is a fine art to curly hair, getting it right and feeling good about it. After some shocking styles, a couple of embarrassing tantrums in the salon' and far too many tears, I feel confident that I finally know what my hair needs and how to make the most of it. Here is a list of truly tried and tested tips for managing your curly hair.

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Treat It Right

When it comes to tips for managing your curly hair, using a weekly treatment has to be the number one tip I would offer. What was unruly, fuzzy and matted curly hair literally transformed after only 2 weeks of using a weekly treatment. I would highly recommend anything from Aveda; it's natural and it works - I swear by it.



The products you use are vital to your hair's condition. If you are using any old conditioner and shampoo and wondering why your good hair days are far and few between, then this tip for managing curly hair is for you. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner - you will be happy you did. If a product is all that it is cracked up to be then you won't have to use a lot of it anyway, and if you are not happy with the results - take it back.


Do It in the Shower

Before I started to work with my hair and not against it, I would towel dry it and then brush it, which left me looking like had a fight with a power socket and lost - badly. Now I only brush my hair in the shower after I have washed it. Practicing this tip for managing curly hair means that your hair gets a good brushing but as it is wet the strands don't separate and cause fuzz.


Take It Easy

This next tip for managing curly hair may not be as practical as your own routine but you’ll be thanking me once you are flicking your defined, perfectly formed curls from your face. Ditch the blow dryer and opt for the towel. Not only does blow drying cause serious damage to your hair, but it does nothing for your curls. Instead, put your head upside down and simply scrunch (don’t scratch) your hair with the towel. If you have to use the burn… erm... I mean blow dryer, then make sure it is on the lowest heat possible.


She’s onto It

Everyone’s hair has a rhythm, a cycle so to speak. If you want a surefire tip to managing curly hair? You should learn your cycle. Does your hair go extra fluffy when you wash it? If you are going out at night should you brush in the shower the day before of morning of? Are the curls most defined on the second or maybe third day after you have washed it? Know what works and does not work for your hair and plan accordingly.


Au Natural

Curly hair is naturally coarse and dry. The best thing I ever did for my curls was to go natural. For years I bleached and dyed my hair all of the colours under the sun, and could not understand why there was more frizz in my fro than ever before. Since growing out my hair and not killing it with harsh chemicals and dying agents, the natural shine has been restored and the curls have returned. Hallelujah!



When I was 13 years old I went to a sleepover at a friend’s house. We all went swimming in her pool and then decided to cut each other's hair (because that’s what you do after an evening swim?!). At the time the show Friends was hugely popular and I asked for a "Rachel cut." Given that my hair was wet, it actually looked okay, the layers falling jaggedly around my face. I was happy with it. However, when I woke in the morning, my hair had dried and what had been a "Rachel cut" was now more of a "Shaggy the Dog cut" with my face buried in clumps of curls. My last but not least tip for managing curly hair - know your hair, know your hairdresser - and ensure that they know how to cut curly hair. It’s not as simple as it sounds… take it from me (a.k.a. Shaggy).

The fun thing about curly hair is that you can play with it, try out different looks and different techniques to getting it how you want it. I hope these tips for managing curly hair help you make the most of your mane. Do you have any tried and tested tips or advice for managing curly hair or any hair horror stories you wish to share?

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For me if I go to sleep with my hair wet I wake up with volumous curls! That's when my hair looks best. Sometimes just taking a nap while your hair dries will give your curls a much different effect idk why but I do this when I have time and its convenient.

Never, never ever brush wet hair, it's incredibly damaging. Rather comb through towel dried hair to avoid losing your curls texture.

oooh yes INVEST. I "invested" like a whole months paycheck! But okay, it was worth it :) Got the whole pro naturals argan oil hair kit!!

I found that if I switch up my shampoo and conditioner every time I have to get new, my hair acts a lot better. It doesn't get used to just one conditioner.

The cotton t shirt works much better. I suggest a hot oil treatment. I love coconut or olive oil the best. Plus , not using shampoo and using a cleansing conditioner works wonders!

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