7 Tips for the Perfect Ponytail ...

By Sophia

Tips for the perfect ponytail can range from stylish techniques to the products you use. While ponytails are simple enough to put up, it’s getting them to look good that can be trickier. Managing flyaways and getting your ponytail to stay in place can all affect how the finished product looks. Whether you’re after a slicked back look or a low and loose ponytail, these are a few tips for the perfect ponytail that you might find helpful.

1 Get Dirty

When it comes to tips for the perfect ponytail, the state of your hair can make all the difference. Clean, freshly washed hair can be slippery and hard to fix in place. Unwashed hair that is a little bit greasier is much easier to style and more likely to stay put. If you’re putting clean hair up into a ponytail, a smart trick is to use dry shampoo to fake some texture.

2 Location, Location, Location!

Where you tie your hair can make all the difference when pulling off the perfect ponytail. Depending on your features, some ponytails might be more flattering than others. A low ponytail can accentuate your jaw and neckline while higher ponytails can elongate your torso.

3 Brush It Back

When putting your hair into a ponytail, brush it back into place before securing it with hair elastics. Brushing your hair back with a smooth paddle brush will help detangle it and create a smoother finish. Also, when you’re brushing your ponytail out, hold it at the base to keep it in place and to reduce stress on the roots of your hair.

4 Go Sleek

If you want a sleek ponytail, you’re probably going to need the help of some styling products and tools. For a really sleek look, apply gel or styling cream to damp hair, pull it into a ponytail, and blow-dry it on a low heat. Another option it to spritz some hairspray on your brush before brushing your hair to help smooth down any flyaways. If you’re going to straighten your hair, straighten every section to make sure your ponytail looks good from all angles.

5 Add Height

Adding some height to your ponytail can help flatter your features. Teasing your hair at the crown can flatter rounder faces by making them appear more elongated. For a sixties inspired look, which is really popular right now, backcomb your hair at the crown to give your hair a bit of extra height and then lightly brush over the top to smooth it down.

6 Add Volume

While slicked back ponytails look great on the designer runways, sometimes they can look too severe in real life. If you prefer your ponytails looser and with a bit more volume, then you can be a little bit more lax with the process. If you want extra body, apply thickening spray to the roots of your hair beforehand. For those with straight hair, try curling it to create volume and waves.

7 Hide the Hair Elastics

Tacky hair elastics can instantly ruin the look of your ponytail. In most cases, try and find hair elastics that match the colour of your hair. That way, they’ll blend in much easier. You could also try disguising hair elastics by wrapping a strand of hair around the base of your ponytail.

Everyone’s definition of perfect is different, but hopefully these tips will make it easier to pull off your idea of the perfect ponytail. Whether you prefer it slicked back or low and loose, the ponytail is a forever favourite. Do you have any tips for the perfect ponytail?

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