9 Tips to Fight Hair Breakage and Loss ...


9 Tips to Fight Hair Breakage and Loss ...
9 Tips to Fight Hair Breakage and Loss ...

If you experience issues with dry, damaged hair, read up on these tips to fight hair breakage and loss! Some say that your hair says something about your health, so of course we all want our hair to be healthy, soft and lustrous! Broken hair, hair loss and damaged hair are common and frustrating hair issues but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about them! Check out these tips to fight hair breakage and help yourself improve the condition of your hair!

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Eat Protein

Eat Protein Tips to fight hair breakage and hair loss start with what we eat. If your diet is deficient of protein and other nutrients, your hair is never going to be in the best condition it can be. Our hair is largely made up of a protein called keratin and when we lack protein in our diets, it can result in hair loss and lack of body. Protein not only helps strengthen our hair but it also keeps our tresses hydrated and looking young!


Reduce Heat

Reduce Heat Another hair tip to reduce breakage is to reduce the amount of heat you expose your hair to on a daily basis. I know, we love our flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers and blow dryers, but they can dry out and damage our hair! Limit the amount of heat you use on your hair and always use a heat protectant to create a barrier between your hair and the heat.


Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking Smoking can really do a number on our skin. However, studies published in the Dermatology journal also found that there is a significant association between smoking and hair loss. Some people smoke and they’ve never lost a hair in their life so it does depend on a number of things. But, if you’re already experiencing hair loss, stopping smoking might help!


Be Gentle

Be Gentle When you’re engaging in your hair care routine, be mindful of how you treat your hair. If your hair is already fragile, avoid combing or brushing your hair vigorously or putting your hair in tight hairstyles, and get regular trims to get rid of dead ends. If you frequently get tangles in your hair like I do, use a detangling spray and a wide-tooth comb and gently comb it out using short strokes from the bottom to the top.


Use the Right Tools

Use the Right Tools When you’re shopping for hair care tools, it can be overwhelming to pick the right tools because there are so many! Using the right brush on your hair is important; using the wrong brush would be like using an eye shadow brush to apply foundation! This means you’ll want to get a different brush or comb for different purposes. Make sure you read tags and labels to make sure you’re getting the appropriate tool for your hair or the style you want to create.


Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress Stress can cause so many problems! I know we can‘t exactly shrug off stress and act like we don’t have a care in the world, but we can change the way we let it affect us. When we get stressed, it can cause a hormone imbalance which can lead to hair loss. Look for ways you can reduce the amount of stress in your everyday life and find stress relievers like exercise, journaling or venting to a friend.


Use Natural Products

Use Natural Products Another hair tip to avoid hair breakage and damage is to use natural hair care products. Some people have gone no-poo, which is a hair washing method without traditional shampoo and conditioner, in order to prevent further damage, or just to use non-synthetic ingredients in their hair. If you don’t want to go that far, look for natural hair care products that don’t contain sulphates. It might take some getting used to, but in time your hair will improve because you’re no longer exposing your hair and scalp to damaging chemicals.


Let Your Hair down

Let Your Hair down Frequently styling your hair in tight ponytails, braids or buns can also cause hair breakage and damage. When you’re able, wear your hair loose and natural without any hair ties or accessories. Just as you don’t want to constantly use heat tools on your hair, let your hair down so it gets a break from tight hairstyles.



Last but not least, if you want to fight hair breakage, damage and loss, you need to moisturize! Deep condition your hair around once a week and use gentle, moisturizing products on your hair. Make sure your hair care products are designed for dry, damaged or thinning hair. If you need some ideas on hair masks or deep conditioners, make sure you look through AWS for ideas and recipes!

If your hair isn’t as healthy as you’d like, don’t fret! There are simple and effective ways you can improve the health of your hair, it just takes a little patience and time! Do you have any hair care tips you’d like to share with us?

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Isn't it good to have your hair in a braid? That's what i've always heard atleast...

Oh sorry, I forgot to list a tablespoon of olive oil to the "mixture" above. You should add Olive Oil it to the mixture as well. :)

@robin having your hair in a braid it might help in cold climates or during hot times to prevent it from breaking due to weather elements, but realistically speaking, our hair needs to breath too, so letting it loose (especially after a shower letting it dry naturally) it's going to help a lot.

I can certainly vouch for 7. Ever since I switched to using only natural hair products, my hair is so much softer and shinier.

Make a pack of cucumber juice and honey. Use it once a week for an hour and cover your head with something but no caps or etc.

non heart hairstyles

I tried to go shampoo-free and use the baking soda and vinegar combination. The first time, my hair was fantastic, but I found that as I repeated the method, the baking soda darkened my blonde hair, leaving it dull and dry. Now I use sulphate-free products for color treated hair. It's important to use products for color treated hair if you color your hair because coloring opens the cuticle and makes your hair porous, causing it to dry out. Color treated products seal the cuticle. If you experience hair loss, have your doctor check your hemoglobin and ferritin levels (your ferritin level will drop first--by the time your hemoglobin drops, you can be truly anemic). Iron-deficiency anemia can cause severe hair loss. I lost more than half my hair when it happened to me in 2006 and had to wear a hair replacement system until my body finally responded to iron injections several months later. Ideally, your ferritin level needs to be at least 100 to grow hair.

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