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7 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Hair Appointment ...

By Sophia

Knowing how to get the most out of your hair appointment can make the process go a lot more smoothly. Sometimes hair appointments can be downright terrifying. First there’s the process of letting go of your old hair style, and then there’s the uncertainty of how your new ‘do is going to look and if it will even suit you! To get the most out of your hair appointment, take a look at the next couple of tips.

1 Do Your Research

To get the most out of your hair appointment, do a little bit of research beforehand. Check out salons in your area, what they have to offer, and what suits your budget. Sometimes salons offer discount packages for students or if you book during certain times of the day. It also pays to ask people you know who consistently have awesome hair where they get their hair done – sometimes it’s a lot easier to trust word of mouth recommendations.

2 Be Clear

Come to your appointment with a vision of what you want your new hairdo to look like. Sometimes things can get lost in translation, and we all don’t speak fluent hairdresser, so bringing in a photo of what you want your new hairdo to look like is a great visual aid. If you can clearly explain to your stylist what look you’re going for, then everyone will be on the same page and after the same result.

3 Be Open to Change

While knowing what you want can help in some ways, it also pays to be open to change. Not all hair styles, cuts, and colours suit everyone and your hairdresser is the right person to guide you through choosing what’s best for you. If they can’t give you the exact hairstyle you’re after, it’s only with your best interest in mind. In most cases they can create or suggest a similar style, but just one that’s more suited to your features.

4 Be Honest

At different stages throughout your hair appointment, your hair stylist might ask you questions about your hair and how you think the whole thing is progressing. If you genuinely have concerns, then pipe up! It’s better to address any problems while they can still be fixed than after the appointment is finished.

5 Pay Attention

Keep an eye on what the stylist is doing and how your hair is looking. Watch how the cut is progressing and look at how they handle your hair. From applying product to blow drying, if you can mimic their technique then that’s one way that you can try to recreate a salon-inspired ‘do at home.

6 Listen up

Your hair stylist knows what they’re doing (or at least they should!) so listen to what they have to say. They’ll often give you tips on how to style and take care of your new hairdo, which can hopefully help make your new hair style last longer.

7 Ask Questions

Your hair stylist should be more than happy to answer any questions you have about your new hairdo. If you’re after styling tips, special treatments, or the best products to use then ask your hair stylist for advice. They’re the experts, after all!

These tips should hopefully leave you more reassured and confident with your next hair appointment. Be sure to let us know if you use any of these tips next time you get your hair done. What other tips do you have for getting the most out of your hair appointment?

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