7 Simple Ways to Avoid Hair Damage and Look Gorgeous ...

Hair damage used to plague my beauty routine until I implemented some simple, yet effective ways to avoid hair damage at all costs. If youโ€™re looking to get rid of dry, frizzy, damaged hair from either sun damage, color treatments, harsh products, or from improper styling techniques, then listen up! Iโ€™ve got some simple ways to avoid hair damage so you can get back your silky strands and regrow your hair the healthy way.

1. Wear an SPF

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While one of the best ways to avoid hair damage is to stay out of the sun, I realize some of you just canโ€™t, or wonโ€™t do that for whatever reason. Maybe you exercise outdoors, or enjoy lying out. Or, perhaps you live in a city that requires you to walk a lot, exposing your hair. Whatever the case, you donโ€™t have to avoid the sun completely, but you do need to put a leave-in conditioner spray in your hair that contains SPF to prevent damage. You can find many brands of these leave-in conditioners, and any will do as long as it suits your budget and your hair type. It is also never a bad idea to wear a hat when youโ€™re outside gardening or working out, plus it makes a cute fashion accessory!

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