7 Tips for Fantastic Hair Everyday ...


7 Tips for Fantastic Hair Everyday ...
7 Tips for Fantastic Hair Everyday ...

Do you want to have fantastic hair everyday? Who doesn't, right? I don't feel right going out of the house unless I feel good about my hair, because it's such a big part of who I am. I mean, it frames my face, it highlights my style, of course I want it to be perfect. If you do too, then check out these tips for fantastic hair everyday!

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Find the Right Regimen

Every girl needs a good hair regimen, something that suits her hair type, look, and style. You have to do some research and engage in some trials – and probably errors too – before figuring out what's right for you. But trust me, it will be worth it in the end, especially when your hair looks great every single day.


Eat Right

What you put in your body has a huge effect on your hair. You need fatty acids that are essential, such as the omega-3 groups; they also make your skin and nails look great. You need plenty of B vitamins as well, from B-6 to B-12, not to mention folic acid. Fresh vegetables and fruits are necessary, you need plenty of healthy protein, and trace minerals are a good idea as well.


Use Cool Water

Because my landlords live right downstairs (ugh!), I'm accustomed to running out of cold water if I'm trying to shower when they and all their kids are getting ready to go somewhere. If that's ever happened to you, have you noticed that, chilly as it may be, your hair really feels fantastic? You should actually get the water to a cooler temperature to wash your hair. In fact, try to keep it out of hot water period, even if it means using a shower cap.


Don't Wash Everyday

Believe it or not, one key to having fantastic hair everyday is not to wash it everyday. Not only is it not necessary, but it can actually be harmful. You shouldn't go the entire week or anything, but switching it up so you wash your hair every other day, sometimes even every two days if you don't have oily hair, is a great idea. Your hair needs those oils, however, so you shouldn't scrub them out all the time.


Squeeze, Don't Rub

That sounds a little dirty, but I'm referring to the way you dry your hair. Rather than scrubbing and rubbing it dry with your towel, just squeeze the water out and blot your hair dry. Rubbing is too harsh, and it can make you lose a surprising amount of hair. Naturally you can blow dry your hair, but don't overdo it at the risk of drying out your hair. If you can, just let it air dry, naturally.


Leave It in

You can and should try a leave in conditioner. These products can be extraordinarily helpful in the journey to fantastic everyday hair. They penetrate quite deeply, and can thus leave your hair rich, healthy, soft, and smooth. You only need to do it about once a week, but more is okay too.


Trim It up

Finally, keeping your hair trimmed is helpful as well. Ideally you should get a trim every six to eight weeks. That way, you can get rid of any dead ends, which are your worst enemy on a day to day basis. They can make your hair look awful!

These are just some of the ways you can make sure you have fantastic hair everyday, without having to do very much to it. I am a huge fan of the effortless look, because I rarely have time to do a lot. I know these tips for fantastic hair everyday will be helpful for me, and I hope they'll help you as well. What do you do to your hair to make it look great everyday?

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