7 Things to Avoid in Order to Prevent Split Ends ...

Prevent split ends all by avoiding making a few small mistakes! Yes, it can be that simple! It won’t help you kiss your hairstylist good bye for good but you’ll at least manage to keep your mane pretty and healthy-looking most of the time. The bad news is that no magical solution for split ends has been discovered yet but the good news is that there are tons of simple ways to prevent split ends appearing before they normally should. But, wait, did I say “simple”? Well, then you simply must avoid these:

1. Blunt Scissors

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One of the most effective ways to prevent split ends is to make sure hair cutting instruments are as sharp as they should be. That means no DIY hair cuts without proper tools and no visiting stylists who take such poor care of their tools. Blunt scissors will basically chew a piece of hair off when they should be making a clean cut and you should be able to see that clearly, by simply observing your hair in natural light.

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