7 Wonderful Hair Care Tips for Pregnant Women ...


Hair care tips for pregnant women are well worth following if you want to have healthy hair during and after your pregnancy. During pregnancy your hair can behave in unusual ways, and be frustrating to deal with. After the baby is born, dealing with your hair can be even more exasperating. Try these hair care tips for pregnant women and keep your hair in the best possible condition …

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To Color, or Not to Color?

The first of my hair care tips for pregnant women is for women who color their hair. Medical opinions vary on whether it's ok to have your hair colored during pregnancy. It's simply not known if the chemicals in dye will be passed onto the baby or not. Some doctors say it's safe after the first trimester. The easiest way to be safe is to opt for a natural color like henna.


Straightening Treatments

Treatments such as the Brazilian blow dry, which lasts for up to 3 months, may sound great, but you should be especially careful if you're pregnant. These products contain formaldehyde, which is a nasty chemical and one you should avoid anyway. Keep your curls, or use straightening irons instead.


Work with Your Hair

Your hair can behave in strange ways when you're pregnant. You may even find that it changes completely - if you normally have straight hair it can become curly. Work with your hair and adapt to any changes that you experience; it'll be a lot easier than fighting with it.


Simple Style

You may have neither the energy nor the inclination to fuss about with your hair. You certainly won't have much time after your baby's born! It makes sense therefore, to opt for a style that's easy to care for. This doesn't necessarily mean having it cut short; short styles can require frequent maintenance cuts and need careful styling. Go for a style that won't look a mess if you don't have time for a trim.


Conditioning Treatments

Your hair needs conditioner to help keep it looking good during pregnancy. Using a deep treatment is also relaxing as well. But should you avoid certain products? Look for a shampoo and conditioner without parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate, as these ingredients may cause problems.



Following a healthy balanced diet is obviously good overall for you and your baby. It will also help keep your hair in good condition. The hair is made of protein, which you need more of during pregnancy. Make sure that you consume plenty to keep your hair healthy, plus consider taking vitamins (see your doctor for advice on any vitamin supplements you should be taking).


Be Prepared

Hormones mean that your hair is often in fabulous condition while you're pregnant. Unfortunately, after your baby is born your hair starts shedding at a faster rate. Don't fret; this is simply your hair returning to its normal growth cycle. Be prepared for the possibility that you may shed a lot of hair after the birth, and don't be alarmed. It'll be back to normal in good time.

When you have a new baby, you don't have much time to care for your hair, so it's worth getting it into the best possible condition beforehand. Keep your hair in a simple style that's easy to care for. What was your hair like when you were pregnant - did it do anything strange?

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My hair fell out in patches after the birth of my son! It was all along the top hairline and I had a few bald spots. The good thing is that it's temporary and you can cover thinning spots by parting your hair differently and what not. Pregnancy is such a crazy and amazing time ;)

I'm scared for #7. I know it's coming

Emma- it's pretty obnoxious, but the main thing is to brush frequently. Putting your hair in a braid also helps keep your shedding hair from getting everywhere. It really is just returning to normal though. You won't have less hair than you started with. Honestly the worst part is all the bizarre places you'll find your hair o.O

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