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Do you need some tips for flyaway hair? Mine is driving me mad at the moment. It sticks out like I've been trying those experiments we used to do in school. But I haven't been rubbing it with a balloon or touching a Van de Graaf generator; it's because I've been wearing hats in the winter weather. So if your hair is annoying you, tame it with these tips for flyaway hair …

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Suitable Shampoo

The first of my tips for flyaway hair is to find a good shampoo. When you pick the wrong one, flyaway hair often ends up dull and flat. Look for a hydrating or volumising shampoo; there are plenty on the market at affordable prices. Conditioner will also help by smoothing down the hair. A leave-in one may work best, as it won't be too heavy.



Using a cheap brush can often be the cause of flyaway hair. Plastic bristles can cause breakage, which means that the broken strands end up sticking out. Invest in a quality hair brush instead. It may seem expensive, but will last a lot longer than a cheap plastic brush. And it won't cause damage to your hair, so you won't need to buy any products.



Serum can be a very useful product if you have flyaway hair. Look for one that doesn't contain alcohol, which is very drying. Remember that you only need a tiny amount of serum - a few drops at most. A good way to apply it is to put the serum on a soft toothbrush. This allows you to be precise in the application, and targets the serum where it is most needed.


Quick Fix

Do you need a quick fix to sort out your flyaway hair? Dryer sheets are a surprising answer - just stroke one over your hair. You can also use an ice cube, or even hand lotion. Don't apply it directly to the hair though, or you'll end up with greasy hair instead of flyaway! Rub a small amount on your hands, and then stroke it through your hair.



You might think that using straighteners is a good way to deal with your flyaway hair. Unfortunately, instead of flattening your wayward strands of hair, using heated irons may dry your hair out and achieve exactly what you're trying to avoid. If you have to use a dryer, use a low setting. And avoid brushing your hair too frequently. A wooden brush may be the best option.



Polo neck sweaters are great for keeping out the cold, but they play havoc with your hair. Pull the sweater over your head and boom! The static makes your hair stick out in all directions. So be careful when you take your hat or sweater off; be gentle and slow, and you're less likely to create static. It could also help to put some serum on just beforehand.


Silk Scarf

Flyaway hair is not a 21st century problem. What do you think women did before serum and shampoo were invented? Many women used to sleep on silk pillowcases to keep their hair smooth, so if you have a silk scarf you can use the same tip. Run the scarf gently over your hair to smooth it down.

I hope these tips help you tackle your badly-behaved hair! Flyaway hair is not a good look, so follow these tips and get those tresses under control. What is your most annoying hair problem?

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So true! I hate motorcycle hair or jet ski boat hair!!!

Great & doable tips. Thanks! ***Careful with the dryer sheets! They contain unimaginable toxic chemicals. Personally, I rely on my leave in conditioner and a good serum. Love the silk scarf tip.

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