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9 Ways to Deal with Thinning Hair ...

By Heather

If you’re starting to find your strands of hair are more abundant on the floor than your head, then, perhaps you need to learn some ways to deal with thinning hair you might not know about yet. Women of any age can suffer from thinning hair, and it isn’t always something to do with getting older. In fact, 40% of women have begun to deal with thinning hair before they reach age 60. The good thing is, most types of female hair loss are reversible. Here’s what you need to know from experts who say there are plenty of reasonable and affordable ways to deal with thinning hair that many women don’t take advantage of.

1 Get a Test

One of the very first ways to deal with thinning hair you need to take action on is to have a test performed by your doctor. Most of the time, hormones cause female hair loss, which is why it is often associated with aging since women’s hormones change throughout the years. Yet, the hormone imbalance could be something that is reversible or manageable. Have your doctor check your thyroid, and make sure you’re not entering menopause or that you’re pregnant. Each of these situations can make your hormones fluctuate dramatically, causing the hair loss and thinning.

2 Make Sure You’re Eating a Good Diet

If your diet doesn’t have enough protein in it, along with a broad range of nutrients, hair loss and hair thinning can become a problem quickly. Eating a good diet with plenty of protein is key, but you need to also be sure to eat lots of leafy greens, vegetables and get plenty of B vitamins. Protein manufactures collagen and elastin in the body, which hair is comprised of. Without enough of it, you’ll have damaged hair that breaks and refuses to grow, which leads to loss and thinning.. Vegetables and leafy greens provide the hair with essential nutrients that help it to thrive, shine and continue to reproduce. Fish is an excellent protein that is wonderful for hair health, and spinach and kale are some wonderful examples of greens to eat.

3 Don’t Forget Your Minerals

Iron supplements are not a good idea since they can cause various complications for many women, like constipation, however do be sure to eat plenty of iron for hair health. Iron is essential to helping hair stay thick, and it helps it to grow. You’ll find iron in sources of food such as 100% dark chocolate or cacao, liver, non-GMO soy products, chia seeds, and spirulina. If you eat red meat, it is also a good source. Zinc is also an important mineral that contributes to hair health. You’ll find zinc in foods like eggs, cacao, pumpkin seeds, shellfish and wheat germ.

4 Eat Healthy Fats

Thinning hair is also a sign the body is malnourished. Along with protein, vegetables, leafy greens and minerals, you also need to be sure to eat enough fat, or your hair will break and become thin. It will also become dry and brittle, which also leads to breakage. Be sure to get healthy fats in your diet from sources such as avocados, fish, pastured eggs, raw nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, raw coconut, olives, hemp seeds and hemp oil. These foods are amazing for you, plus contain other nutrients that contribute to your skin, hair and nail health.

5 Consider Supplements

If you have a hard time getting in the nutrients recommended above from your diet alone, you need to take a supplement instead. You can take a whole food-based multivitamin instead of synthetics for the best absorption effect, and I would also take an extra zinc supplement as well. Protein powders are another great option if you don’t eat a lot of meat and want to get enough protein in your diet. They can easily be mixed into a smoothie with some leafy greens and a banana or berries for a sweet treat full of nutrition. Plus, your hair will grow and thrive without the need to eat a lot of meat or cook all your meals all the time.

6 Buy Thickening Shampoos

Along with the other tips recommended here, try buying shampoos and conditioners that offer thickening properties. It also doesn’t hurt to buy formulas without added sulfates or drying agents like alcohol, which can cause hair to become brittle and break. Some formulas are also specially made to help thinning hair, so explore your options next time you go to the store or salon.

7 Be Sure to Condition

If you have thinning hair, you’ll want to be sure to condition it well. If hair isn’t moisturized properly, it will start to break, become brittle, and will look even thinner. Apply the conditioner to your ends more than your scalp if you’re concerned with your hair looking oily. A leave-in conditioner spray is also a great idea if you have troubles with tangles. Whatever you do, you don't want to tug on your hair when drying it, so make sure it is well conditioned so it can easily be combed through. Anything you can do to make your hair softer and more moisturized will prevent it from breaking off and looking thinner.

8 Get Layers

One of my favorite tips for anyone, thinning hair or not, is to get layers put in your hair to make it look thicker. Layers create a multi-dimensional effect and truly can add so much volume. Ask your stylist to give you shorter layers around the crown of your hair, and create multiple layers all down throughout the back. You’ll have a brand new style and a head of thicker hair with just this one simple change.

9 Revert to Rogaine

If you’re still dealing with thinning hair and you’re not sure why, try using Rogaine. Many women report it works well, along with many men, and if nothing else has worked for you, I say, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with buying a product to help your hair out if it will make you more confident!

The only time I ever dealt with thinning hair was two years ago when I wasn’t getting enough nutrition through my diet. My hair was incredibly thin after being thick my whole life. Luckily, once I fixed my diet, everything turned around and I got my thick hair back. I realize it isn’t easy for everyone, but there are some simple changes like the ones I’ve mentioned here that might be all you need. Have you ever dealt with thinning hair? If so, what are your tips?


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