7 Simple Tips on How to Create a Chic Bun ...


7 Simple Tips on How to Create a Chic Bun ...
7 Simple Tips on How to Create a Chic Bun ...

I want to let you in on a little secret: learning how to create a chic bun isn’t as hard it looks! Wearing a bun is an easy way to get your hair out of your face while still looking elegant and polished. This makes it the perfect quick hairstyle for work, school or play. If you’re interested in learning how to create a chic bun, follow these seven simple tips to achieve a chic and sleek up-do!

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Before we start talking about how to create a chic bun, we need to determine what type of bun you want to create. Do you want a big, messy bun? A super sophisticated smooth bun with not a hair out of place? There really are tons of different buns and many different ways to make a bun, so it’s time to pick what look you want to rock. Depending on what you want to do, get your tools together, like bobby or hair pins, a hair tie, and hair spray.



Now that you’ve decided what kind of bun to make, we can move on to the prepping process! Many people say that working with second-day hair or dirty hair is easiest to work with when you want to style your hair. That’s not to say you can’t have squeaky clean hair but you might find that “dirty” hair is much more pliable and stays put. You can spritz your roots with dry shampoo to soak up extra oil and brush your hair out.



When you’re creating a bun, it might be a good idea to curl the ends of your hair. Doing so can make it easier to tuck any loose ends back into the bun and create a nice, round bun. If you have layers in your hair, curling the ends can also make it easier to create a rounder, more even bun. Obviously, this is an optional step. You can easily make a bun that looks just as fab without curling your hair, it’s just an option!



Next, part your hair and put your hair back in a low ponytail with a hair tie. You can use pretty much any type of hair elastic to do this. I would just avoid using anything with metal pieces or using anything that tugs on your hair. Make sure the ponytail is snug and secure so you don’t have to worry about any pieces of hair falling out, or the bun coming apart because it’s too loose.



Here comes the fun part! Twirl or twist your entire ponytail and slowly start turning the hair clockwise around the base while tucking in the ends. You can do this many times until you get the desired look. Next, you’re going to want to start adding some bobby pins or hair pins. Stick a pin into the edge of the bun towards your scalp to start securing the bun.



Continue to pin your bun in place by inserting bobby or hair pins in each of the four quadrants of the bun to secure it. If you have heavy or super thick hair, you might need a few more pins to set it in place. If you’re not a fan of using pins to secure your bun, you can always use a donut ring or even a sock to roll your hair into a big, fluffy bun.



After you make a bun to your liking, you can pull on some pieces to give it a messier look or leave it as is. Next, set it all in place with a hairspray. Use a medium-hold hairspray all over to smooth down any flyaways and flatten any stray hairs. Now you’re ready to go!

Creating a bun is a quick and easy way to disguise and style dirty or unruly hair and still look cute. Buns look good for casual days, formal events and just about everything in between, so it’s a really versatile hairstyle that you can create and enjoy anytime! What's your favorite type of bun?

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