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7 Indispensable Hair Tips for Your Busy Morning ...

By Jennifer

Maybe you shouldn’t have pressed the SNOOZE button four times this morning… now you’re in a rush, trying to figure out how to do your make-up and brush your teeth in the shower. And what about your hair? No worries, my dear. Here are 7 indispensible hair tips for your busy morning. And trust me, there’s no good way to get your eyeliner in while you’re waiting for your conditioner to set…

1 Use Dry Shampoo

If your hair is a little too greasy to brush and go, try a little dry shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oil and to perk it back up. It works wonders without weighing down your ‘do, and will save all that wash and dry time.

2 Learn a Few Braids

YouTube is loaded with tutorials on how to do the most stylish braids, so invest some time now to learn how to do a few. My favorite channel for hair tips (especially braids) is Bebexo. Search the channel for your favorite braids, learn them, and try one the next time you’re in a rush.

3 Invest in a Good Dryer

This hurried hair tip came direct from my stylist: save time every morning by investing in a good hair dryer! I know first-hand how helpful this hair tip is… I’ve wasted a lot of time when my cheap-o dryer shuts itself off to cool…

4 Have Some Accessories on Hand

It’s also a good idea to keep a few essential hair accessories on hand for when you’re in a rush. Find a few cute hairbands, bobby pins that match your hair color, and some elastics. Keep them in a bag together, so you don’t have to scramble to find them.

5 Go Sleek

This super-rushed morning may be the perfect time to try a spy-thriller inspired sleek updo or ponytail. This style won’t work well on a girl with bangs, but if you’ve got long layers, why not slick them back wet, add mousse to keep the strays in check, and give it a go? I love this hair tip because it’s so fast and easy and just plain sexy!

6 Use a 2-in-1

If you tried the dry shampoo and it just didn’t work, then save a little time in the shower by using a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner. It can save you a few precious minutes… and this hair tip, combined with a few others here, can add up to ten minutes or more shaved off your desperately rushed routine.

7 Go Big!

My stylist swears dirty hair styles better and bigger than clean hair, so why not go big and bold today? Flip your hair upside down, spritz with a little refresher spray, tease a bit, then flip back up, finger-comb, and go. This isn’t just a hair tip for rushed mornings, either… do it anytime to add a little sexy edge to your day.

Now that you’ve seen these hair tips for busy mornings, don’t be tempted to ignore your alarm clock tomorrow to see if they work as beautifully as you think they do — save them for when you’ll really need them! Which of these tips do you think will work best, or have you already tried a few? If so, which ones do you rely on most? Do tell!

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