7 Wonderful Ways to Ensure You Get Your Dream Haircut ...


7 Wonderful Ways to Ensure You Get Your Dream Haircut ...
7 Wonderful Ways to Ensure You Get Your Dream Haircut ...

Want to know some helpful ways to get a dream haircut by making some easy tweaks and changing the way you communicate with the hairstylist? Yes girls, it’s completely possible to walk into a salon, state your hair wishes and better explain what you truly want! For those who are trying out new hairstylists or don’t have a regular stylist, this information can help your hair go from wah to wow! Keep reading to get some useful tips on getting a haircut you won’t hate!

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Touchy Feely

This tip for ways to get a dream haircut is to make sure the stylist gets to really examine and touch your hair before you have anything done. It’s really hard for a stylist to provide suggestions or give you your desired look when he/she doesn’t know how your hair looks currently, how you style it now, the growth pattern, texture and hair type. This way, your stylist can help you choose the right cut for your lifestyle and hair type!


Show and Tell

If you want to know how to get the haircut you want, clearly you’re going to want to communicate your wants! Instead of just saying that you want long layers in the front, show your stylist pictures of styles you like, where you want those layers and how you want your hair to fall. Also, if you ask for a few inches cut off make sure you show your stylist what you mean. Remember, your understanding of an inch can greatly differ from your stylist’s take on it!


Straighten up

Another one of the easy ways to get a dream haircut and do your part is to sit up straight. If you’re constantly shifting in your chair, slouching or looking down to read a text or magazine it can botch your haircut! Try to sit straight, keep your head still and avoid crossing your legs when you’re stylist is hard at work on your hair. This isn’t just salon etiquette, doing any of the above can result in a crooked cut!


Don’t Be Shy

Get a great haircut by being honest and sharing your lifestyle with your stylist. You don’t have to divulge the details of your latest dating disaster but sharing hair habits can make a huge difference! Don’t worry about being viewed as a hapless hair victim, being direct about these things will help you and your stylist out. Why would you want to spend your dough on a haircut that you don’t have time to keep up?


Get the Details

So you now know how to get the haircut you want but what about aftercare? You’ll want to pay attention to product recommendations and ask the stylist about what the product does so you can decide whether you need it or not. Maybe you have a similar type of product at home or you might find a cheaper alternative to a pricey salon brand. Also, make sure take note of the tools and the styling techniques used and ask how you can duplicate the look yourself at home!


Settle down

So you followed all the ways to get a dream haircut but you go home and it’s nothing like you thought it would be. Maybe your new cut is hard to style, it’s shorter than you wanted or you just don’t like it. Even though you might be in state of dislike at the moment, give your hair a week to settle before making any changes. Try styling it differently, using different products and experiment with your new style. We might tell ourselves it’s just hair but making a big change can really affect the way we look and feel about ourselves!


Express Yourself

Bad haircuts can happen to the best of us and if you didn’t get a great haircut, say so! Don’t suffer in silence or play the blame game. Instead, compose yourself and talk to your stylist and tell him/her that the end result wasn’t what you were expecting, explain what you wanted and discuss options. Most reputable stylists will offer to make changes without charge and will happily do so!

There are lots of ways to get a dream haircut and you probably noticed that the bulk of the responsibility falls on you! Make sure you clearly communicate what you want so you can avoid a bad haircut and heartache. Your hair is a huge part of what makes you you so play an active role in the care of your hair and don’t settle for a bad cut! Do you have any tips to get a great haircut?

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also be willing to listen to the stylist about whether your dream is attainable or not with your hair type, thickness, and face shape...

7 ways to get your dream haircut! happy hair salon style (via Twitter)

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