7 Ways to Create Fabulous Volume in Your Hair ...

Learning how to create volume in hair is so hard! I know when I first started to learn how to create volume in hair, I used to get frustrated because my hair wouldn't hold volume. Well ladies, I've learned all of the tips, tricks and lessons on how to create volume in hair and I am more than willing to share! If you've been trying to create volume in your hair, take a look below at some of the ways that have worked for me!

1. Change the Part in Your Hair

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I used to part my hair in the middle, for years, but when my hairstylist asked me to part it on the side, I was amazed as how much volume there was! If you haven't changed the part in your hair in a while, why not switch it up to the other side! This is absolutely one of the greatest ways on how to create volume in hair and to really change up your hairstyle!

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