7 Wicked Ways to Bag a Bargain Haircut ...


7 Wicked Ways to Bag a Bargain Haircut ...
7 Wicked Ways to Bag a Bargain Haircut ...

A cheap haircut is something that many of us are having to opt for these days. When we´re short of cash, it´s hard to justify spending $$$ on a cut every 6-8 weeks. However, we need to keep our locks in good shape; not only is a regular cut good for our hair, but also for our self-esteem. However, you can get a cheap haircut if you look in the right places. Here are some great ways of bagging a bargain haircut.

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Training Days

Do you have a favourite hairdressing salon, but are finding their prices a little out of reach? Ask if they have any training days or model sessions. Most offer sessions at reduced prices where their trainees cut your hair at much lower prices. It might take a little longer than normal, but you´ll pay a fraction of the normal price and get a carefully supervised cut.


Academies & Colleges

My favourite place for a bargain haircut is one of the many training academies in the city where I live. You need to book well in advance as slots are limited, but come out with a fabulous cut by experienced hairdressers who are being taught the latest styles. Also check out local colleges for healthy and beauty salons – the cut will be done by a trainee, but every step of the cut will be monitored by the tutors.


Mobile Hairdresser

Mobile hairdressers usually charge very reasonable rates, as they don´t have the expenses of maintaining a salon. They are also an excellent option if you find salons intimidating, are short of time, or find it more convenient to have your hair cut at home.



In these tough economic times, exchanges of services are becoming increasingly common as more and more people have less and less cash! The idea is that you either do a direct exchange with one person, or that you are ´paid´ in virtual money for the services that you offer, and can then use that money to ´pay´ for a different service from a third person.



For a truly cheap haircut, Do It Yourself! You may shudder at the thought of cutting your own hair, but it´s actually not that scary. The key is to get a good pair of hairdressing scissors (which will soon pay for themselves), and take it slowly! There are hundreds of helpful tutorials on Youtube, and you can also read the following articles by our very own writers for lots of amazing tips: hair.allwomenstalk.com, hair.allwomenstalk.com, hair.allwomenstalk.com



If you´re reluctant to cut your own hair, and you have a friend you can trust with a pair of scissors, ask them to try cutting it for you. The same rules apply as above. You may be lucky enough to have a friend who´s got a talent for cutting, even without training. It´s a good idea to sit in front of a mirror, so that you can see what they´re doing. But if you take this option, don´t blame them if it goes wrong – you did ask them, after all (though it shouldn´t go wrong if they do their preparation).


Voucher Websites

If you just can´t bear to give up having cuts in a ´proper´ salon, then there´s a new way to bag a bargain haircut. Look at the discount voucher websites like Groupon for special deals from salons. As long as you´re flexible about where you have the cut (there probably won´t be offers in your favourite salon), you should be able to get a great cut at a great price.

So you see that being short on cash needn´t mean that your hair is short on style! There are plenty of ways to get yourself a bargain haircut, and you can save your cash for other things. These days, looking good isn´t impossible, even when you´re on a budget. Have you ever had a truly amazing cheap haircut, and how much did it cost you?

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also cosmetology schools like my school we have half price haircuts on mondays so its only $5... :)

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