7 Amazingly Helpful Tips on How to Cut Your Own Bangs ...

By Melissa

7 Amazingly Helpful Tips on How to Cut Your Own Bangs ...

How to Cut Your Own Bangs may seem really difficult to learn, but if you're careful, it's really quite easy -- even fun! If your current hair style includes bangs, you have probably noticed you need to keep them constantly trimmed in order to see. That's one of the reasons why you can benefit from learning how to cut your own bangs. After all, constant trips to your salon can really add up. There's no need to schedule a hair appointment if it's only going to take five minutes, and why pay for something so simple if you can easily do it yourself? Instead try these 7 tips on how to cut your own bangs.

1 Good Foundation

Start with a good foundation by letting your stylist make the first cut. If you are going from having no bangs to a style with bangs, leave it to the pros. The first tip in how to cut your own bangs is knowing when not to cut them.

2 The Right Tools

Before you can even attempt to trim your own bangs, it is imperative you have the right tools. You need good quality hairdressing sheers. They are easy to find at your local beauty supply store. You will also want a good quality fine tooth comb to make even parts.

3 Avoid Wet Hair

When learning how to cut your own bangs, it is important to trim them dry. Wet hair is weighed down and you are more likely to cut your bangs too short. Wash and dry your bangs before making the first cut. Your results will be much better.

4 Style First

Before cutting, make sure you have your hair parted and styled as you normally wear it. This helps to gauge the proper length and to make an accurate cut as you trim your bangs. If your hair is shaped differently than your normal style, you won’t be able to tell if you have taken too much or too little off.

5 Separate and Pin

Using the fine tooth comb is a very important step in how to cut your own bangs. Make sure to only include the hair that is already part of your bangs. Don't cut any strands from the rest of your style. Accidentally cutting more hair than needed can dramatically change how the style of your hair.

6 Line 'Em up

Pull the hair in front of your eyes so you can get a good look. Your fingers will work as a guide as you clamp your bangs between your fingers along the bottom fringe. If you are keeping up on your trims, you will be able to tell if your bangs are cut in a straight line or at an angle.

7 Make the Cut

When first learning how to cut your own bangs, make small snipping motions with just the points of your shears facing upwards. Follow the line carefully and only take off a little at a time. Remember, you can always take off more but you can’t put it back on.

Learning how to cut your own bangs will save time and money. Continue to see your stylist regularly to maintain the rest of your hair and get a fresh start on the the base of your bangs. Don't forget, you can also ask your stylist for tips on how to cut your own bangs, so you can make sure you're doing it correctly. Will you use these 7 tips on how to cut your own bangs?

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