8 Great Reasons to Ditch Relaxers and Rock Your Sexy Afro ...

By Jelena

Natural hair has that amazing volume, texture and body the other hair types are not blessed with and I see no reason to give it all up just so you could have one straight hairstyle day in day out. Yes, you’ve guessed it – I’m going to talk about relaxers, the damage they can cause to your gorgeous natural afro hair and reasons to ditch them! So here are some pretty strong reasons to ditch unneeded chemicals and invest your time and money into caring for your stunning totally natural Afro hair!

1 Because They Can Cause Serious Damage

We’re talking about some pretty serious chemicals here, ladies! Chemicals that can have a negative effect on your health and looks! Some of these effects might be only temporary such as mild irritation or hair damage but there are always a few of those you really need to fear of such as permanent hair loss, scarring, and infections. Now, are you really prepared to risk it all for a hairstyle that you might not even like a year or two from now?

2 Because One Texture is Boring

When your hair is chemically straightened it just stays straight all of the time. Now, where’s the fun in that? Curly hair and especially natural afro hair can be styled in so many wonderfully creative ways, plus you’re not really losing anything because you can still straighten in once in a while for a completely different look.

3 Because Natural is Healthier

You want the truth? Well, let an ex blonde tell you something – hair that has been treated with harsh chemicals (bleached or relaxed, it doesn’t really matter) can never feel or look as healthy as natural. You can apply products to make it shiny and soft but once you get it wet and start shampooing you’ll notice how severely damaged it actually is. Untreated, healthy hair, in the other hand, doesn’t need a truck load of hare care products to look fairly decent and you’ll actually love getting to know it once more when you decide to lay off chemicals.

4 Because There is No Such Thing as “Bad” or “Good” Hair

I mean, come on! Good hair? Bad hair? Now, I’d seriously like to have a word with whoever came up with this utterly silly standard! Why is straight hair any better than curly or wavy hair? That’s just crazy! I personally LOVE all types of natural afro hair and, if it was me making that decision, I’d never change it. But hey, I’m not the one making decisions and neither are your neighbors, friends or relatives – it’s up to you, you and you only so take my advice and don’t do something just because somebody else thinks you should. Style your hair the way YOU want it and don’t be afraid to change it when YOU see fit because in the end of the day it’s YOUR hair! And guess what – I know a lot of girls would kill to have your hair and if anyone tells you that your hair needs fixing reply that it’s that person’s brain that needs fixing!

5 Because You’ll Feel More Free

Over-processed hair breaks very easily, needs a truckload of hair care products and doesn’t respond very well to salty or chlorinated, swimming pool water. Now, that’s my first hand experience. There is also one interesting thing I’ve read about relaxed hair and that is that sweating actually reverses the whole process, making it difficult to maintain your relaxed hairstyle while leading an active life that includes exercise and all those normal activities that cause us to sweat. Now here’s how I see it- you either have to act like you have a freaking Fabergé egg on your head and adopt a different lifestyle which presumes that you won’t be thinking about what you want but what’s good for your hair or you have to pay more and damage your hair more to keep it relaxed in spite your active lifestyle. Why trouble so much when you can just go natural and straighten your hair only once in a while?

6 Because Relaxers Are THAT Toxic

The chemical used to break your hair and force it to be straight is actually the same chemical used to unblock clogged drains! Yes, that’s what you’re putting on your gorgeous natural afro hair! But let’s just forget the whole hair-damage thing and focus on health because some portion of all those toxins manages to go through your skin and into your body. Even spending a lot of time breathing in these vapors can cause lung damage and don’t make me even get started on all the other health risks. You, of course, know that you’re not supposed to use relaxers if you’re pregnant – right? Well, I wonder why is that so…

7 Because Relaxed Hair Grows Slower

You can grow your natural afro hair to be really long and there are thousands of women ready to confirm that proper styling and hair care can result in stunning length. Relaxers in the other hand can and in most cases do slow down normal hair growth preventing your hair to grow as long as it is biologically programmed to do. So you’re basically relaxing your hair to get it to grow longer and it does exactly the opposite.

8 Because Wild is Sexy

Yes, wild hair is super sexy and it allows you to be carefree and always have a smile on your face. You don’t have to touch it up ever few weeks, you can style it in many different ways when you’re feeling creative or you can just let it loose and enjoy all that volume and body the Mother Nature has given you!

What is your experience with relaxers and do you prefer your natural afro hair or like it more when it’s relaxed? My vote always goes to natural afro hair despite the fact that some girls think it’s too frizzy or too difficult to style. What do you think? Natural afro hair or relaxed straight style?

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