Sexy, Bouncy Hair: 7 Professional Tips to Get More Volume in All the Right Places ...


Sexy Hair, bouncy hair, hair full of life – these are all things we see on TV ads every day, thinking “Oh, come on, nobody has hair like that!” Well, the product in question won’t give you that hair, that’s already been tested and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of women but what would you say if I told you that you can have that gorgeous sexy hair right now!? Nope, it has nothing to do with new, revolutionary styling products and you don’t have to spend a truckload of cash - just read these 7 pro tips on how to get sexy hair, XXL volume you’ll love and that seductive, playful bounce you’ve seen in the commercials.

1. Cold Air Seals the Deal

Cool air will literally seal your hairstyle making it longer-lasting and less prone to frizzing. It’s pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to actually telling your hair, “Okay, all done, now stay as you are!” So, once you’re done styling your hair and before you reach for the hairspray to give it a final fix give it a good cool blowout! I usually flip my head down to give it the last few blows, then flip it up again and fix my now totally fluffy hair by combing the length only. Cold air seals the hair, helping it to hold the shape and texture you’ve worked so hard to create by applying heat so whether you want a straight up-do that still has some natural movement and a good dose of fluffiness at the base or a gorgeous tousled look, you can always rely on a cool setting of your hairdryer to help lock your hairstyle in place before it falls flat due to the hair’s natural heaviness, length or weather conditions.

Reach for Your Hairspray