Sexy Bouncy Hair 7 Professional Tips to Get More Volume in All the Right Places ...


Sexy Bouncy Hair 7 Professional Tips to Get More Volume in All the Right Places ...
Sexy Bouncy Hair 7 Professional Tips to Get More Volume in All the Right Places ...

Sexy Hair, bouncy hair, hair full of life – these are all things we see on TV ads every day, thinking “Oh, come on, nobody has hair like that!” Well, the product in question won’t give you that hair, that’s already been tested and confirmed by hundreds of thousands of women but what would you say if I told you that you can have that gorgeous sexy hair right now!? Nope, it has nothing to do with new, revolutionary styling products and you don’t have to spend a truckload of cash - just read these 7 pro tips on how to get sexy hair, XXL volume you’ll love and that seductive, playful bounce you’ve seen in the commercials.

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Cold Air Seals the Deal

Cool air will literally seal your hairstyle making it longer-lasting and less prone to frizzing. It’s pretty much the closest you’ll ever get to actually telling your hair, “Okay, all done, now stay as you are!” So, once you’re done styling your hair and before you reach for the hairspray to give it a final fix give it a good cool blowout! I usually flip my head down to give it the last few blows, then flip it up again and fix my now totally fluffy hair by combing the length only. Cold air seals the hair, helping it to hold the shape and texture you’ve worked so hard to create by applying heat so whether you want a straight up-do that still has some natural movement and a good dose of fluffiness at the base or a gorgeous tousled look, you can always rely on a cool setting of your hairdryer to help lock your hairstyle in place before it falls flat due to the hair’s natural heaviness, length or weather conditions.


Reach for Your Hairspray

This truly wonderful invention will keep your sexy hair style looking good but it will also help you have that bouncy, natural, lush hair you always wanted! Nope, it’s not a lie, it’s not as hard as you think and it’s certainly not nuclear physics – it’s all in the wrist, actually. So, instead of creating a hairstyle and then coating it with layers and layers of hairspray, try a slightly different approach that gives better, more natural-looking results – lift sections of your hair one by one, spraying the roots only. This easy tip will help you get that ideal long-lasting flexible volume exactly where you want it, give you a hairstyle that doesn’t fall flat and can’t be squished under a hat and allow you to enjoy natural, non-helmet up-dos every single day.


Tease, Tease, Tease

Fine hair is extremely hard to style which means it might need a little push to turn into that lush, sexy hair you’ve always wanted. The hairspray trick I’ve explained above will certainly help, but if you want even more volume, don’t feel reluctant to engage in some good old fashioned teasing! If teased with care and precision, hair doesn’t have to look like dead cat, bird’s nest, motorcycle helmet of whatnot – in fact, the teased sections can be so seamless that nobody will even notice you have them. The trick here is to always tease the bottom sections of your hair and use the top, shiny ones to cover them. Remember to use a fine comb and, unless you’re trying to create a big pouf, never tease large sections. A few carefully chosen smaller sections will provide that luscious, natural-looking volume without sacrificing the way hair falls and moves naturally so tease only about an inch at the base, fix with a little bit of hairspray, flip the outer layers over the teased part and voila!


Go Easy on the Hairstyling Products

Hairstyling products can make or break your look – it all depends on how you use them and, of course, how much of them you’re using. When used properly and in the right amount, leave in conditioners, volume mousse and silicone drops will work magic so here’s a few tips on how to use them and what to avoid. Let’s talk leave in conditioners first as they are the types of products dry, coarse and curly hair needs to look good. Now, you should never spray them onto your scalp because this will soften and oil-up the base of your hair, leaving the ends just as dry, coarse and frizzy as they’ve ever been. Start from the tips instead, spritzing less and less conditioner as you move up. Volume mousse, in the other hand, requires a completely different approach so start from your roots and gently comb your way down, allowing the comb (which shouldn’t be a fine-toothed one by the way) to transport the perfect amount of foam onto your ends. And finally, we come to the silicone drops and other greasy things which need to be applied on very dry ends only. Remember to go easy on these products because too much of them will weight down your hair making it sticky, extremely difficult to style and, of course, too heavy to have a nice, sexy volume.


Get Highlights

If volume is just what you need but your lifestyle, habits, finances or sensitive scalp make it impossible for you to use various products or special DIY styling methods, you can get your luscious, sexy hair by employing one simple, yet unbelievably effective optical illusion – highlights. With the help of these natural-looking, barely invisible, sun-kissed streaks your hair will be playing a 3D movie everybody will want to watch and the best thing about them is that, due to their subtle character, they don’t need to be touched up every month which, you must agree, is a very low-maintenance strategy to have a stunning, voluminous hair.


Shake Things up a Bit

Similar to ourselves, our hair quickly becomes a slave to habits so professional stylists suggest changing your hairstyle of even a haircut in order to keep your roots standing straight. Part your hair to the left when you notice that your right-side parting looks kind of flat or cut your long hair short (save the hair for extensions) when its weight and length starts taking a toll on the volume. An unexpected change won’t only prove to be a nice style refreshment, it will inspire your bored, volume-less roots too, giving you gorgeous, sexy hair you’ll love to show around.


Blow-Dry like a Pro

There is a huge difference between straight hair and flat hair, the first one being, of course, a sexy, elegant hairstyle we all like to rock occasionally and the second one being… well… one the worst hairstyling nightmares. So, when styling your hair using a hairdryer and a round brush never pull it down hair like a maniac but use gentle movements instead. What you want is to straighten the texture while leaving the base of the hair standing up, giving the whole hairstyle natural volume and bounciness. I do this by placing the sections over the brush inner side up pulling them in the direction opposite of the one I originally intend to place them. I then place the section right side up, pull up (not down) and just let them fall down to their place. Try it, it really gives the hair that amazing bounce every sexy hair should have.

Some of these tips are amazingly easy, some require a little bit of practice but they will all give you voluptuous, sexy hair you want, focusing on that luscious fullness you desire rather than unnecessary bulk you’re trying to avoid! Go, ahead, give them a shot and do let me know which ones have managed to give you that sexy hair of your dreams.

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