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7 Ways to Deal with Seriously Fluffy Hair ...

By Jelena

Fluffy hair is not something you can run away from so easily and is certainly not something girls feel blessed with, regardless of how much their thin-haired friends think they should. Yup, controlling fluffy hair isn’t as easy as it seems and that’s why I’ve decided to give you a few tips on how to reduce hair volume and finally get to enjoy your hair:

1 Moisturize

Your fluffy hair may not look dry or feel coarse but still continue to pouf up rather than fall down, heavy and shiny like you want it to be. Puzzling, isn’t it? No need to worry – a few moisturizing products will help smooth the cuticles of your hair shaft, leaving your hair much shinier and less prone to fluffing than before. Use a rich, moisturizing conditioner to help you ward away fluff , tame those rebellious frizzies with a few spritzes of your leave in conditioner and don’t forget to use a pack/treatment here and there just to make sure your hair keeps its moisture.

2 Invest in Some Good Styling Products

Styling gels, pastes, waxes and pomades are all valid hair smoothing techniques to consider and which one of them will work best for you depends on your hair alone. Choose a non sticky product that will help you mould your hairstyle exactly the way you want it, yet allow it to keep its natural feel and bounciness.

3 Blow Dry It Right

In case you prefer your hair straight and have no love for its natural texture, one of the best ways of controlling fluffy hair would be to learn how to blow dry it properly. Use a flat brush or a big rounded one (the bigger the brush the flatter the hair is) to dry your hair straight before it poufs up and it will be silky smooth and straight until the next wash! Blow dry sections one by one directing the air downwards to help smooth hair cuticles and reduce frizz, fluff and unwanted volume.

4 Pick the Right Cut

Thick voluminous hair is truly a blessing but opt for a wrong cut and it will turn into your worst nightmare. Some say the best hair smoothing technique is to let it grow long, pointing out that such length comes with a weight to match and I definitely agree – the longer and therefore heavier your hair is the less likely it is to fluff up. There is a catch, though… Unless you have the word “Mattel” stamped on your tush and further research reveals you’re also lacking a small turn knob at the nape of your neck, you will discover that doubling your hair’s length overnight isn’t such an easy task. The solution? Visit a stylist who can thin your fluffy hair and cut a style that fluffs in right places only.

5 Style Your Curls

If your curly fluffy hair is what’s giving troubles and straightening is the last thing on your mind, I suggest opting for one of many heatless ways to define your curls. Use flexirods and try twists or braids to find a curling technique that defines your curls best and you might even realize that trying to get rid of all that volume was quite silly of you!

6 Try a Few New Products

From volume mousses to volume-enhancing shampoos and conditioners, it seems like the companies are more interested in helping those who lack volume while completely ignoring the fact that some ladies have a completely different problem. Well, you’ll be interested to know that there are products out there designed to help you reduce hair volume! Try Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Balm, Aveda Smoothing Fluid or experiment with a few natural hair smoothing solutions such as hair oils, honey and even peanut butter.

7 Consider Volume Reduction Treatments

In-salon treatments such as blow-outs and keratin treatments could help you turn your fluffy hair into silky-smooth mane you’ll be proud of. I’ve researched a bit on keratin as well and do believe it can do wonders even for damaged hair although I must warn you that not all keratin packs are as harmless as they say. Some even contain chemicals that are toxic and shouldn’t be inhaled but you’ll be happy to know that this innovative process is being perfected as we speak, promising to give you better results with the least amount of health risks.

How do you deal with your fluffy hair and are there any other hair smoothing techniques you can suggest? Do you tie your hair before sleep? I’ve heard that helps reduce fluff although you must tie it loosely to prevent creases and weird twists.

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