15 Very Good Reasons Not to Cut Your Hair ...

As a girl who’s had a pixie cut and a short, chic bob for the past five years, I can tell you: short hair rocks! But in spite of all the compliments from other girls and the fact that even my grandmother approves, I’m growing my hair out again, with a semi-solemn vow to never, ever cut it all off again. Why? Here are a few very good reasons not to cut your hair…

1. It Wont Go Unnoticed

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If you're shy like I am and don't like attention, let me tell you, EVERYONE will notice your short hair cut. From underhanded compliments to curious questions to flat out insults, no one will let you live. It's not fun when your hair is a personal thing, and many people cut it for deep emotional reasons, and people act like it was a crime to cut it, or ask you rude questions.

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