15 Very Good Reasons Not to Cut Your Hair ...

By Jennifer

15 Very Good Reasons Not to Cut Your Hair ...

As a girl who’s had a pixie cut and a short, chic bob for the past five years, I can tell you: short hair rocks! But in spite of all the compliments from other girls and the fact that even my grandmother approves, I’m growing my hair out again, with a semi-solemn vow to never, ever cut it all off again. Why? Here are a few very good reasons not to cut your hair…

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1 It Wont Go Unnoticed

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If you're shy like I am and don't like attention, let me tell you, EVERYONE will notice your short hair cut. From underhanded compliments to curious questions to flat out insults, no one will let you live. It's not fun when your hair is a personal thing, and many people cut it for deep emotional reasons, and people act like it was a crime to cut it, or ask you rude questions.

2 The Winter Chill

Most Michigan winters are brutally cold, and short hair means you feel every degree of that wind chill. If you’re a sissy about cold, like me, this is one of the most practical reason not to cut your hair. Brr!

"Looking to give your look a major refresh? Start at the top with a fresh haircut! If you're pondering making the chop, consider these short hair cuts. Our curation includes sassy pixie cuts, cute bob styles and more! Transform yourself, you never know, your perfect hairstyle might just be waiting for you!"

2 The Bad-hair Day Options

Hats and hair-bands are the bad-hair day accessories we can all rely on, but a cute braid, ponytail or updo just isn’t an option when you have short hair. My hair is naughty, very straight and unruly, so I have more bad-hair days than I care to count.

3 The Skip-a-day Option

When you have short hair, you must wash and style it every single day, or it looks greasy… and even if it doesn’t look dirty, oh, the bed head! If you have longer hair, though, washing three times a week is good enough, and in fact, is good for preserving the condition and color of your hair!

4 Braids Are on-trend

Photo Credit: ... love Maegan

Thanks in part to Katniss from The Hunger Games, braids are very on-trend right now, but we girls with short do’s can’t wear them! This one very good reason not to cut your hair — the pretty braids! I want to wear a waterfall braid!

5 Men like Longer Hair

With one notable exception, I’ve only ever gotten compliments on my short hair from other women and from gay men. Of all the men I’ve dated since I’ve had short hair, only one has liked it this way, and hasn’t at least once wistfully asked why I cut off all my hair. In a recent interview, even the gorgeous Michelle Williams admitted that most men prefer her hair longer.

Updated on 6/8/2023

It appears that the preference for longer hair is a common one among men. Studies have shown that men are more likely to find women with long hair attractive than those with short hair. This preference is thought to be rooted in evolutionary biology, as long hair has traditionally been considered a sign of fertility and youth.

Long hair is also associated with femininity and is often seen as a sign of beauty. Studies have found that men are more likely to rate women with long hair as attractive and more desirable than those with short hair.

Long hair has been a beauty trend for centuries, with many cultures around the world valuing long hair as a sign of beauty and femininity. This trend is still seen today, with many women opting for long hair styles.

The preference for long hair is not limited to men. Women also tend to prefer long hair on other women, with studies showing that women with long hair are perceived as being more attractive and feminine than those with short hair.

6 You Can Always Cut It, but…

My dear, if you do have long hair, and you just don’t think it suits you (thin hair tends to look scraggly when it’s long), then you can always cut it. But, on the other hand, one good reason not to cut your hair is…

Updated on 5/16/2023

One other good reason not to cut your hair is that it can be a form of self-expression. Long hair can be styled in many ways, allowing you to express yourself through your hairstyle. It can also be a symbol of strength and independence, and for some, it can be a source of pride. Additionally, long hair can be a way to express your cultural or religious identity.

7 It Takes FOREVER to Grow It out!

Last February, I opted for a pixie cut, and now, after more than a year of growing it out, it’s still just barely long enough to put in a stumpy ponytail. According to TLC, hair grows about a half-inch a month. Simply put, if you have short hair, it will take FOREVER for it to grow out. If you’re impatient, like me, then this is another one of the best reasons not to cut your hair!

8 The Awkward Growing out Period

Getting a super short hair cut is exciting, but what about when you want a change? The growing out period for short hair can be awkward and challenging. If you shaved part of your head or got your hair cut above your ears, you very well might go through a few months where you're stumped on what to do with your hair because it's not long enough to put up, yet an awkward length to wear down.

9 You're Emotional

We all have those periods in our lives when we want to do something drastic and most times, we choose to change our hair. There's nothing wrong with wanting a change, but if you're angry or sad, put down the scissors or put that hair appointment on hold. Think it through and see if it the new 'do fits you and your lifestyle before you make any changes, you and your hair will thank your for it!

Updated on 6/13/2023

Hair is a reflection of our personalities and it is a statement of who we are. We all want to look our best and having a great hairstyle can really help us feel more confident. But before you make any drastic changes to your hair, it is important to consider the reasons why you should not cut your hair.

First, it is important to think about the cost of maintaining a new hairstyle. A new haircut can be expensive and may require regular trips to the salon. Additionally, you may need to buy new hair products to keep your new look in shape.

Second, if you are not used to styling your hair, you may find it difficult to maintain a new style. Haircuts can be tricky and it may take some practice to get the look just right.

Third, if you are prone to split ends, a new hairstyle may not be the best idea. Cutting your hair can make split ends worse, and you may end up with more damage than before.

Fourth, if you are considering coloring your hair, it is important to note that the color may not turn out the way you expected. It is best to consult a professional before making any drastic changes to your hair color.

10 More Styling Options

As a short-hair girl, one of the things I always envied in long-hair girls was the variety of styling options! Buns, ponytails, and updos galore! When you have short hair, you don't really have any options other than what sort of hair pin you want to use to keep your hair out of your face.

11 Accessorize

Generally, accessories look cuter on long hair. With pixies, the hair is too short to support a chunky headband, and you only can really pull of a decorative bobby pin or two. However, long hair offers you more options for wearing foulards, hats, headbands, and clips in your hair!

Updated on 6/13/2023

Long hair offers more opportunities to accessorize than short hair does. With long hair, you can add a decorative bobby pin or two, a foulard, a hat, a headband, or a clip to your hair. These accessories can add a pop of color to your outfit, or make a statement. They can also be used to create an updo or half-up style.

In contrast, short hair, such as a pixie cut, is too short to support a chunky headband or other accessories. The only accessories that work with this hair length are a couple of decorative bobby pins.

Accessorizing your hair is a great way to enhance your look without having to do a lot of styling. It can also be a fun way to express your personality. Accessories are a great way to add some variety to your look, or to add a finishing touch to an outfit. Plus, they’re usually affordable and easy to find.

When it comes to accessorizing, long hair offers more options than short hair. So if you want to take advantage of all the possibilities, you should consider growing your hair out.

12 Ombre

Technically, I suppose you could attempt ombre on a short cut, but it will more than likely just look like your roots grew out! If you love ombre hair, then you should definitely consider keeping your length, because you won't be able to pull off that look with less hair!

13 It's Hard to Stop

Thanks to that awkward growing out period mentioned earlier, you're sort of forced into a corner with short haircuts. Either you endure a few months of looking like you have a bowl haircut, or you run to your salon for protection and get it cut again! You'll find that once you cut your hair, it's much more difficult to get long hair again than you might have thought.

14 Don't Ignore a Blessing

This is a human truth, but women especially are notorious for this: we assume the grass is always greener on the other side. To many women, the "other side" is longer hair! Women envy your long locks and wish they could have them, so why ignore a blessing? Embrace your long hair and don't cut it all off!

Updated on 6/13/2023

Long hair can be a blessing for many women, and it’s important to recognize and embrace it as such. Long hair is versatile, and can be styled in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for a sleek and sophisticated look or a more relaxed and natural style, long hair can be a great asset. It can also be a great way to express your personality and style.

Long hair also tends to look healthier and shinier than short hair, as it has more surface area for the natural oils to distribute along. This helps keep hair looking soft and shiny, and can help reduce split ends and breakage.

Long hair can also be a great way to protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The extra length can provide extra coverage for the scalp, and can help protect it from sunburns and other skin damage.

Finally, long hair can be a great way to express yourself and your individual style. With long hair, you can experiment with different colors, styles, and textures, and create a look that is truly unique. So don’t ignore the blessing of long hair, and make sure to embrace it and make the most of it.

15 You Won't Look like the Picture

Whenever I get my hair cut, I always bring in a photo to show my stylist. But if I bring in a photo of Emma Watson when she had a pixie cut, I don't leave looking like Emma Watson, no matter how much I wish I could! Every face shape is different, so you never really know what a short haircut will look like on you. However, long hair is generally flattering on everyone!

With so many reasons not to cut your hair, will you think twice before getting a pretty pixie or a cute bob? I hope so… like I said, it takes just a few minutes to get a cute short cut, but it takes forever to grow it back again! Where do you stand on the short versus long debate? Do tell!

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@Josie, i also have a very thick wavy hair and about to try a pixie cut but i'm still thinking about it. since i do not want to regret it in the end. You said it looks good. I wonder if it'll suit me as well?

I have short hair because my hair is very very thin, (and i don't have to wash it every day even though I have a pixie cut), but I tend to let it grow out until I get sick of my hair falling in my face or having to comb it and put something in it. I also hate that long hair takes forever to dry. I've tried on more than one occasion to grow it out again, but I haven't yet succeeded. XD

I agree with this! I recently cut ten inches of hair off, and it's now just above shoulder length. I can't wait for it to grow again, and I really miss the long hair. I hate having to straighten it every morning, where before I cut it I could do all sorts of easy stuff to it. This being said, I don't regret cutting it because I donated my hair to Locks of Love, and I keep reminding myself that someone else needs it more than I do.

I cut about 13 inches off of my hair a few months ago and donated it to Locks of Love... that's the ONLY regret I don't have about cutting it. Everything you've said here is 1,000% true.

I've started simply cutting my own hair, because it seems to grow so freaking fast... I couldn't afford to keep going to have it cut. (I overheat, terribly during the warmer months. During the cold months, I just rely on really cute wigs, and hats that I've knit.) Short hair is all about convenience with me. Add to it, that I'm not concerned what men may or may not like... and I'm a happy camper. Plus, with wigs, I can change hair color and style at the drop of a hat.

my hair grows super fast! typically hair grows 6in a year, but mine grows 8-9in... two months and I already notice a difference, but I'm UBER impatient with letting it grow out, haha!

I don't think "because men like it longer" qualifies as "very good" reason. Do things to make yourself happy! Some women look great with short hair.

AGREED! never cutting my hair short again. It was cute and all and I donated it which was awesome, but it's taking an eternity to grow back and I miss it so much! I have complained about all 7 things you mentioned haha never again!

As for me, I hate long hair. And I could not care less about men or women and what they think. I always have mine in short bobs ( And they always grow out way too fast for me) I'm getting a buzzcut soon to proove my point. I would much rather see a girl with no hair.

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