7 African-American Hair Care Musts ...


African-American Hair Care is often considered too confusing and time-consuming which, I’m afraid, caused many women to forget their gorgeous locks and experiment with procedures that make hair more manageable. However, once you have a child whose hair you need to style or simply decide to go natural, you might get a bit frustrated because you don’t know how to care for your African-American hair. Don’t worry – it’s a «live and learn» thing! You will get used to it and, in order to help you do that, I’ve made a collection of some of the most important rules of ethnic hair care:

1. Brush with Care

Regardless of how strong and luscious it looks, African-American hair needs a delicate touch to stay beautiful and grow long. It tangles and breaks very easily which means that you absolutely must take very good care of how you brush it. The solution? Wide toothed comb – a very effective tool that will help you remove tangles and style your gorgeous mane without breakage and unnecessary pain! And remember, African-American hair care is not something you do in a hurry so take your time and give your hair all the attention it needs.

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