7 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Hates a Product ...


7 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Hates a Product ...
7 Ways to Tell That Your Hair Hates a Product ...

Bad Hair Product can and often is the only thing responsible for all of your suffering and frequent bad hair days. You see, using the wrong hair products will make you feel like you’re really trying hard and get to you believe the problem is not you, or the lack of proper hair care, but your own hair instead. Luckily, using the wrong hair product or two isn’t the end of the world. We’ve all been there and learned quite a bit from those bad experiences, so here are a few tell-tale signs that suggest your hair is not really loving the products you use:

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If your hair loses its natural luster after being treated with a certain product, you can rest assured that’s the wrong hair product for your hair. Now, I’m not saying we’re talking about a bad hair product per se, merely a product that isn’t good for your hair type. The matting effect is a result of too much of that product building up all over your hair-shaft which doesn’t only create an aesthetically unpleasing effect but can damage your hair in the long run as well.



Each type of hair needs different care and, in order to find a product that works for you, you’ll need to do more than just ask around to get names of supposedly good hair products and supposedly bad hair products. Get to know your hair, study it well to determine what it needs and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few different products until you find the one that can deliver.



Okay, now raise your hand if you’ve had an awful experience with at least one totally itchy, totally bad hair product! Yeah, been there myself and the strangest thing is this- what seems to work like a charm for my sister makes me want to scratch my entire head off! Sounds familiar? Well, as it turns out, this all has to do with chemicals and the way you react to them. In fact, you may even be allergic to some of the ingredients!


Flyaways and/or Frizz

Wavy or curly hair is very tricky which increases the risk of it being treated with a bad hair product or, simply, wrong hair product. It needs a lot of moisture yet can’t be allowed to be completely soft and therefore unmanageable and prone to frizzing, its ends are dry and roots often greasy. Tricky, huh? Yes, I’d have to agree – it took me a while to find an ideal combination of shampoo and conditioner and, believe it or not, regular brands such as Clear a.k.a Ultrex and Pantene proved to work much better than some much expensive brands!


Greasy or Sticky Feeling

Ooops! If your hair feels greasy or even sticky you are either using the wrong hair products or need to make sure you rinse them out completely. Check the list of ingredients for proteins as well because some types of hair don’t like them at all and be sure to use a clarifying shampoo before either switching to a new product or giving the old one another shot.



Uh, oh – the whole point of adequate hair care is to avoid breakage so, in case your hair care routine is the one that’s causing it, you might want to re-evaluate it. There might be a wrong hair product hiding somewhere there, the one responsible for drying your hair out making it brittle and sensitive.



Okay, let me get one thing straight – your hair might start to fall out a bit more every time you switch to a new product. That is completely natural, it’s only temporary and it doesn’t necessarily mean the products in question are bad hair products. If you, however, notice that your hair is getting weaker and thinner as the time passes, you definitely need to determine what’s wrong.

Have you ever made a mistake of using totally wrong hair products and what made you realize the product in question was a bad hair product for you?

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I did a home made hairmask of egg yolk, teaspoon of honey and oil. I thought it would be good for my dry hair. I couldn't rinse it out and had to use regular conditioner 3 times to fully remove the matting. I think i will stick to proper products anymore!!!

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