8 Popular Hair Care Myths ...


Hair care myths I’m going to discuss today are actually so popular we’ve even mentioned a couple of them in our posts and comments. But which myths about hair are true and which ones are completely and totally false? Well, stick around and you’ll find out because I’m going to do my best to break down and explain each hair care myth I’ve heard of or been so foolish to believe myself:

1. Trim Often and Your Hair Will Grow Faster

Okay, ladies, I know we’ve been dealing with this one for a very long time so I thought I might as well mention it one more time and get the whole thing sorted out. And yes, you do have a point- it’s true that frequent cuts won’t cause your hair to grow any faster! It still falls under the category of «maintenance» crucial for people who wish to obtain healthy long hair because it involves chopping split ends only thus disabling them from splitting even further up and damaging healthy hair shaft. Split ends can travel up and split multiple times which means that the sooner you get rid of them, the more of your precious length you’ll be able to keep.

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