8 Popular Hair Care Myths ...


8 Popular Hair Care Myths ...
8 Popular Hair Care Myths ...

Hair care myths I’m going to discuss today are actually so popular we’ve even mentioned a couple of them in our posts and comments. But which myths about hair are true and which ones are completely and totally false? Well, stick around and you’ll find out because I’m going to do my best to break down and explain each hair care myth I’ve heard of or been so foolish to believe myself:

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Trim Often and Your Hair Will Grow Faster

Okay, ladies, I know we’ve been dealing with this one for a very long time so I thought I might as well mention it one more time and get the whole thing sorted out. And yes, you do have a point- it’s true that frequent cuts won’t cause your hair to grow any faster! It still falls under the category of «maintenance» crucial for people who wish to obtain healthy long hair because it involves chopping split ends only thus disabling them from splitting even further up and damaging healthy hair shaft. Split ends can travel up and split multiple times which means that the sooner you get rid of them, the more of your precious length you’ll be able to keep.


Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Dye Their Hair

Well, as strange as it sounds this hair care myth is actually false! You see, chemicals in your hair dye won’t get absorbed through your scalp and harm your unborn child- it’s actually the smell you need to be worried about! And while it’s true that inhaling toxic fumes isn’t the thing you’d want to be doing while pregnant, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to live with nine months worth of bad hair days. Consult your doctor and find a hair dye that doesn’t smell so bad and you’ll get to look awesome and give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby!


Hair Can Become Immune to Certain Products

Speaking about popular hair care myths that are oh so totally false – did you know that there is no scientific evidence to back this claim up? And that can mean only one thing – you don’t really have to change the products you are completely happy with. Unless you want to, of course!


Stress Can Make You Go Bald

Well, let’s say this is one of those hair care myths that are both true and false! You see, although losing a loved one, going through a serious surgery or simply having to deal with an angry boss or hostile working environment might increase the number of hairs you lose on daily basis, such loss is only temporary which means your hair will grow back once your life goes back to normal.


Pluck One Gray Hair out ,Three More Will Come to Its Funeral

LOL! If you’re a Sex And The City fan, you’ve definitely heard this one! So is it true? Absolutely not! However, as funny as it sounds, this old wives’ tale does have a pretty good point – you really shouldn’t pluck your hair out because it might damage its root or even cause an infection!


Hair Dyes Damage Hair

Next on my list of myths about hair is a common belief that dying your hair actually means ruining it! And, as damaging as some hair dyes are, I must note that it doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous healthy hair and use a hair dye. You see, some hair dyes, such as henna, contain natural ingredients that add color while nurturing your hair which means that the result is not only the color of your choice but shinier, healthier hair as well! This, unfortunately, can’t be said for platinum blonde dyes which must contain harsh bleaching agents.


Washing Every Day Damages Hair

The type of your hair determines how often you can wash it and there is no rule that says you can’t wash your hair everyday! It’s probably not the best idea in case you have dry or curly hair as it might dry it out even further but, hey, you can choose a mild shampoo and even dilute it by adding water. Do revise your hair care routine as well as your hair care products and try to reduce the usage of harsh products to a minimum but feel free to wash your hair whenever it’s dirty.


You Shouldn’t Brush Thin Hair

The last and the weirdest of all hair care myths I’ve heard is the one that absolutely forbids brushing of thin hair! I mean – seriously? Come on! That’s totally silly! And, as much as I agree that using poor quality brushes and abusing your hair is bad, I have to note that leaving it free to tangle as much as it wants is even worse! So, as long as you invest in a good quality brush or a comb which you’ll use with extra care, I don’t see why styling any type of hair should be a problem.

Do you have any weird hair care myths to share? Or maybe an interesting and, yet, totally true hair care myth I haven’t heard of? Come on, don’t be shy – I’d love to hear them!

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Your hair does change while pregnant though so it can respond differently. Also if you have a c-section wait 6 months before dyeing or perming as the drugs need that long to leave your system and hair. My stylist tipped me off to this letting me know that my hair might not take to the perm as well before the 6 months

I have a question; does brushing your hair a lot make it healthier? Because you always see in movies and tv shows how girls will brush their hair 100 times every night. Is that good, or bad?

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