8 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color from Fading ...


8 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color from Fading ...
8 Ways to Keep Your Hair Color from Fading ...

There are many ways to keep hair color from fading and, believe it or not, neither one of them requires a lot of money or a team of professional stylists! The conclusion? Even a regular girl can have a vibrant, fresh hair color like Rihanna and the only thing she needs to do is put a little bit of thought and effort into it! And here are a few fool-proof tips on how maintain vibrant hair color that looks great each day and every day:

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Opt for a Professional Dye

Opting for a professional permanent color instead of a semi-permanent supermarket solution is one of many ways to keep hair color from fading. Simply ask around to find out which cosmetic brand has the best and the most long lasting palette of reds/violets/browns/blondes or any other color you’re looking for and use it to color your hair.


Use a Mild Shampoo

Sulfate-free shampoo is a great way to deal with fading hair color without having to give up your habits so go through your favorite brands and choose a sulfate-free shampoo to replace your regular one with. These shampoos can be used on daily basis and will remove excess sebum and impurities without removing the color as well although you might want to throw in a clarifying shampoo once in a while, just to make sure the product build-up is removed as well.


Lay off Alcohol Based Styling Products

Alcohol based products can speed up the fading process as well so it’s best not to use them in summer when you know that your hair will be exposed to direct sunlight. The upside to this is that there are many wonderful alcohol-free products available nowadays which means that you won’t have to give up your favorite up-dos and hairstyles.


Give Color Depositing Products a Shot

Color depositing products such as shampoos and conditioners are also one of many good ways to keep your hair color from fading and make sure it stays vibrant until the next coloring. Many tests conducted in this area have proved these products quite effective and the best thing is that you don’t have to spend big bucks to own a color depositing shampoo, conditioner or both! Yup, even mid-range brands such as L’Oreal will do the trick!


Protect Your Hair

Protecting your hair while you’re chilling on the beach, getting your tan on in a tanning bed or chilling by the pool is a must-do in case you want to avoid fading hair color! Use a high SPF conditioner to protect your strands against those dangerous, harmful UV rays when on the beach or tanning salon and prevent them from soaking up a lot of chlorine (when taking a dip in the pool) by saturating your hair with a conditioner and clean water before you jump in.


Take Good Care of Your Hair

Damaged and dry hair won’t be able to retain added hair color and if you’ve ever tried to go from bleached blonde to pretty much any other color you know how hard that is! Yup, if your hair is a mess, the color will simply bleed out! The solution? Hair care! Meticulous, constant, aggressive hair care! Why? Because healthy hair retains more of the original color enabling you to look great with less touch-ups!


Try DIY Rinses

Still wondering how to maintain vibrant hair color? Why not give DIY rinses a shot? These natural herbal brews work like color depositing products, adding a bit of color during each use. Sounds interesting? Well, check out some of my previous posts to get the recipes you’ll need to freshen up your hair color in a completely natural, budget-friendly way!


Glaze It

The last on my list of ideas on ways to keep hair color from fading is a clear glaze – a technique you can opt for right after your dye job to make your color longer lasting or between two colorings to freshen it up a bit. Oh, and guess what – this is not one of those complicated procedures that can’t be done outside the salon! Yup, you can do it at home with the help of an easy-to-apply colored or clear glaze of choice!

Do you know of some other ways to keep hair color from fading? A fabulous DIY recipe, perhaps? Well, do share because every tip on how to maintain vibrant hair color is more than welcome!

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I was thinking about getting a stain in my hair instead of a dye because my mom talked to someone who said it works well, but i can't find any info online. if anyone had stained their hair before, i want to know if the colour holds well. Thanks :)

my hair is light brown but i dyed it 3months ago and now i have dark blonde hair (it goes from dark blonde to blonde) but i have a problem-i was on the beach for 8weeks and my hair lost it's shine, my ends are split and i have darker roots. the thing is, my natural color is more to she cold shine and my new color is warm, golden. so you see, i don't know what to do. i don't want to spend every 2months money on dying and i'm too much coward to do myself, so what should i do?

Wash it in cold water! The warm water makes the hair expand and the color bleeds out more easily. It's the same concept as washing brightly colored clothes in cold water.

Hi. How do i keep my hair blue?

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