8 Pro Tips for Combination Hair ...


8 Pro Tips for Combination Hair ...
8 Pro Tips for Combination Hair ...

Tips for combination hair I’m going to list here have made caring for combination hair easier for me and will definitely do the same for you! Yes, they will require some time and effort and no, you won’t need to break your bank, so check them out in case you either have no idea how to care for combination hair or are looking for an extra tip or trick to add to your routine:

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Shampoo and Condition Properly

First on my list of tips for combination hair is a little trick I use and suggest quite often – a basic step any lady with combination hair should keep in mind. When shampooing, apply the product to your scalp only, giving it a good yet gentle rub to make sure product buildup and excess sebum are lifted and removed. Your dry ends don’t need so much attention so avoid rubbing and give them a light squeeze only. Reverse the procedure when conditioning, applying the product to your ends and them only. This method of caring for combination hair will make sure the ends and roots are fairly balanced to begin with, helping you reduce breakage and improve overall quality of your hair by enabling you to use all those fantastic hair-repair products without having to suffer with oily roots as well as try out many great clarifying or anti-dandruff shampoos without the risk of damaging your dry ends.


Give Natural Oils a Shot

Girls with combination hair often dismiss natural oils thinking something like, “I can’t even deal with the ones my body produces, why on Earth would I want to add to the problem?”. Well, as strange as it may sound, natural oils are a good way to go. Apply them to your length in the evening (avoid roots), let them work their magic on your dry ends overnight, rinse out in the morning and you’ll see a huge difference. And, in case that sounds like too much work, here’s another cool tip for combination hair you might want to try out – apply your natural oil of choice (such as castor oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil etc.) 30 minutes to a full hour prior to shampooing.


Get a Natural Bristle Brush

Learning how to care for combination hair can be a seriously tricky business and the fact that you have two completely different types of hair (dry and oily) sitting on your head doesn’t make it any easier. Now, since your body is already working overtime to produce all that sebum and essential oils, you might as well make use of that by purchasing a natural bristle brush to help you distribute the oils from the over-saturated area (scalp) to the area in need (dry ends).


Clarify Regularly

Next of my tips for combination hair would be to throw in a clarifying treatment once in a while, especially in case you use a lot of products. Use a mild, natural shampoo in case you have to wash your hair every day, a slightly “stronger” one in case you have dandruff or don’t feel the need to wash daily and have a clarifying shampoo close by to use every two weeks and remove all that product buildup that mattes your hair down and makes it super easy to grease-up in no time.


“to Each Their Own”

As neat as it sounds Laissez-faire policy doesn’t always work in real life. Trust me, only a very few people are born with absolutely perfect, easily manageable hair that can look, feel and be healthy despite their owner’s non-intervention take on hair care. The rest of us…well…we have to work for it and that starts with dealing with the fact that there is no magical bottle of this or that we can just rub in and ta-dah – perfect hair! No need to feel bad, though, because as bumpy as it is, this road will take you where you need to go. You’ll just need to be prepared to invest your time and effort into finding the right products for your hair (as many of them as it takes) then work out a schedule and use them in a way that guarantees best results.


Limit the Use of Heat

Curling irons, flat irons and hairdryers are the worst thing to use on combination hair, not only due to the fact that excess heat will dry out your already weakened ends but also because it may, in some, cases stimulate your scalp to produce even more sebum. Opt for a heatless style instead and have fun experimenting – summer is, by far, the perfect time to do it!


Go for Luke Warm Water

Speaking about useful tips for combination hair, here’s one you’ll definitely want to try ASAP! Instead of using hot water to wash your hair with opt for a lukewarm to almost cool water. This small change will help your hair frizz less and prevent further damage but will also give you that squeaky clean feeling, super shine and help your oily scalp feel fresh and may even help with the sebum production.


Say “Yes” to Protective Styles

Keeping your sensitive, dry tresses protected against sun or wind exposure is a must plus there are tons of awesome styles that won’t only do the trick but look amazing as well! Try braids, low chignons, hats, scarves and bandanas – anything that can help you tuck in the very ends of hair while reducing the amount of exposure the rest of your length has to deal with to minimum.

Can you add a few interesting tips for combination hair? Do share, please! Caring for combination hair is hard enough as it is, let’s team up and share everything that could make it at least a bit easier!

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Finally something about combination hair! Will use all of these tips!! Thank you!

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