10 Tips on Choosing a New Hair Salon ...


10 Tips on Choosing a New Hair Salon ...
10 Tips on Choosing a New Hair Salon ...

If you’ve just moved to a new city, or you’re just looking for a change, you might be wondering how to choose a hair salon. I can help! I’ve chatted up my own stylist, Toni, and she had some excellent advice to share. Here are 10 tips on choosing a new hair salon… thanks, Toni… now call me, so we can schedule some highlights!

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Ask for Referrals

Your friends at work and at school can be a wealth of information when you’re choosing a new hair salon. Ask them where they get their cuts and colors, and which particular stylist they use. Chances are, they’ll be happy to share stylists… as long as you don’t dig for which shade of blonde they are, exactly.


Check the Site

Most salons have a website of their own, or a Facebook page. Either one is another great place to get information when you’re wondering how to choose a hair salon. I love looking on Facebook because happy (and unhappy) clients will leave photos and stories to go along with their experiences.


Browsing through a salon's website or Facebook page can also reveal the range of services offered, pricing information, and details about the expertise of their stylists. You might even find special promotions or discounts advertised, which could sweeten the deal. Be sure to read through customer testimonials and reviews; they will give you a sense of the salon's reputation and the satisfaction level of their clients. Remember, pictures paint a thousand words – stylists' portfolios can be particularly telling, showcasing their skills and the styles they excel at.


Check It out

Before I use any new salon, I visit them in person before I make an appointment. I’ll check out the facility to make sure it’s clean, and to see how busy it is, and who the clients are. If it’s modern, clean, busy, and if the clients look to be about my age and if they look well-groomed, I’m in!


See the Stylists

You wouldn’t trust your hair to a woman with a bright blue mullet or a guy wearing torn, filthy blue jeans, would you? I’ve seen these two stylists, and other interesting specimens, on visits to scope out new salons. Check out your own stylist ahead of time to see how they present themselves, and what they look like — it seems shallow, but if they can’t take care of their own appearance, you might not want to trust them to take care of yours.


Remember, the stylist's personal style says a lot about their approach to hair care. If their look is a bit too avant-garde or unkempt for your taste, chances are your hair might end up reflecting that same aesthetic. First impressions count, so trust your gut. Do they have a hairstyle you admire or a fashion sense that aligns with yours? This could be a sign they’re in sync with the look you’re aiming for. And always remember, professionalism is key. Choose someone who exudes competence and confidence.


Look at Prices

It won’t matter that you’ve found the perfect salon if you can’t afford a shampoo there, let alone highlights and a trim. Salons and individual stylists can vary wildly in price, so before you make a firm decision, make sure their prices fit into your budget.


Talk to Clients

You’ve seen the salon, checked out the stylists, now you might want to consider chatting with one or two clients. I do this on Facebook, reading comments and wall posts, but feel free to do it in person, too.


Go Local!

I love the idea of spending my money to help the local economy, so I always choose a hair salon that’s individually owned, and not a big chain, like Grondin’s or Fantastic Sam. Aside from the economic impact of spending my money locally, I’ve also noticed that most small salons tend to do a better job.


What do They Offer?

Before choosing a new salon, find out what services they provide, so you can consolidate. My salon does manis and pedis, style, color, tanning, and even facials and massage, so most of their clients, including me, are able to do everything beauty-related all in one go. So convenient!


Give Them a Chance…

If you’ve narrowed your choices for new salons to one or two, it’s time to schedule a trim or highlights at each. Give the salon a chance to impress you, and feel free to let them know when you make the appointments that you’re in the process of choosing a new salon, so they can really knock your socks off!


Don’t Be Afraid…

If you’ve given the salon a chance, and they didn’t impress you, don’t be afraid to provide honest feedback about what you did and didn’t like… and don’t be afraid to keep looking. There are so many salons out there, you shouldn’t have to settle!

Now that you’ve read my (and Toni’s) tips for choosing a hair salon, do you feel ready to scrutinize the local stylists? Which of these tips do you think you’ll use when you’re looking for a new salon? Or do you have another idea to share?

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Also making your hair appointments for the morning, like the first appointment of the day, is a good idea. It makes me wary if the stylist has been working all day and is tired. I feel like they could rush and not take the time needed on your hair.

Do you do frican American hair

Great article ... As an owner of a salon I tell our clients that are moving out of the area to do all of these things ...

Changing is hard but this helps a lot

Hi. I was wondering how I could get permission to use this adorable picture on my salon's website? Thanks!

That comment does seem awfully shallow. I manage an extremely busy and popular salon. We have an extreme variation of clients in our salon. If you go by only what you see when you walk in our front door, you may not think it's for you. One of our very first stations is occupied by a woman in her 60's who has been doing hair for 40+ years and has had many of the same clients for all those years. Her station is front and center of the salon because it's the most conveinient place for her elderly clients to get from the front door, to the shampoo bowls and dryers without making them walk all over the salon. My clothes are not in any way filthy, but yes my sometimes my jeans have a few rips in them. I'm currently a rocking Ombré style that starts as a rich brown and fades from a fushia pink into a vibrant purple. You're #4 tip reminds me of a woman in her 40's who came into our salon once and asked if we had room for a walk-in. The owner of the salon told her to have a seat and we would have someone with her as soon as possible. She looked over at my station, pointed at me and asked with a trembling voice "It's not going to be that girl with the purple hair is it??" To which my boss replied, "Oh no ma'am. She's booked at least week out. She doesn't have the time to take walk-ins." My personal taste and style do NOT reflect my work. Any stylist worth their salt can achieve any hairstyle a client asks for. Just because I like purple, blue, and pink hair does not mean I think everyone should have it. I've been a stylist for 15 years and I spent 6 of those years taking care of hair needs for the mentally and physically handicapped. I have to say that those years of appreciation by people who could care less what color my hair was were priceless. Just because I don't take care of my appreance to suit your tastes does not mean I'm not a great stylist!

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