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7 Tips for Shampooing Your Hair like a Pro ...

By Heather

I’ve scoured the internet for all kinds of tips for shampooing hair just like a pro. I want my shampoo to improve shine, make my hair feel awesome and totally manageable! That’s not too much to ask right? Well girls, I’ve got the top 7 tips for shampooing hair that will make your hair shiny, soft and totally manageable and beautiful!

1 Brush Your Hair before You Shower

I had no idea that brushing your hair before you shower actually makes a difference! What this does is ensures that your hair is soft and smooth. Seriously ladies, this tip for shampooing hair really works! Try it and let me know if it makes a difference in how your hair feels!

2 Shampoo Twice

So I've been doing this tip for shampooing hair for about a year now and it works so great! So the deal with the shampooing twice is the first time is sort of like the primer. It washes away all of the products that you have in there. The second shampoo is to finally allow the product to work. If your hair is looking a little lifeless and dull, try shampooing twice!

3 Use Warm Water in the Beginning

When you are shampooing one of the tips for shampooing hair is to open up the cuticle of your hair – by using warm water! Warm water allows the hair to really open up and allow the shampoo to get in and clean. So start out with warm water ladies and end with colder – you'll see why!

4 Rinse Hair with Cool Water

When you are rinsing out your hair, ladies, it's best to do it with cold or at least cool water. The reasoning behind it? Well, because it actually closes the cuticle of your hair, locking in the conditioner and giving off a ton of shine! Try this tip for shampooing hair ladies and let me know how it works!

5 Wring Your Hair before Conditioner

One of the major tips for shampooing hair is all about wringing your hair before you condition! Ladies, this is important because wet, wet hair can actually cause your conditioner to be watered down, which means that it won't work as well. So girls, have you been wringing out your hair before you condition?

6 No Conditioner on Your Scalp

Did you know that your scalp actually produces a lot of natural oil? So much that you actually don't need to condition your scalp at all! Just condition the middle of your hair all the way down to your tips. That will honestly make all of the difference in the world ladies!

7 Leave Conditioner in for a Minimum of 2 Minutes

Finally, do you constantly wonder how long to leave your conditioner on? I did, before I read that leaving it on for a minimum of 2 minutes is best! Not only will that lock in the moisture to your hair, but it will allow the conditioner time to set. Trust me on this tip for shampooing hair ladies, it works!

There you have it! All of the tips for shampooing hair that I have! What tips for shampooing hair have you used in the past? Any I've listed?

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