7 Hair Care Tips from Dermatologists ...


7 Hair Care Tips from Dermatologists ...
7 Hair Care Tips from Dermatologists ...

Hair care tips from dermatologist I’m planning on listing here will help confirm a few things we already know as well as provide you with a couple of new information you’ll certainly find extremely useful. After all, a good hair care routine and healthy hair are all that matters and if there is a professional hair care advice I don’t know of yet, I certainly wouldn’t want to be kept in the dark for too long. Luckily, a few dermatologists (such as Dr. Mirmirani and Dr.Draelos) have already shared some of their knowledge so let’s take a look at a few doctor’s hair tips:

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Turn to ‘Cones for a Quick Fix

Hair is not a live tissue and as such can’t regenerate. The good news is that good and proper hair care will produce results and help you restore moisture as well as softness and appearance you’ll be happy with. Natural luster is the hardest one to get back after serious hair damage and a professional hair care advice in this case would be to opt for a product that contains dimethicone. This silicone will coat your hair shaft increasing its shine as well as reducing frizziness and static electricity.


Go a Shade Darker

Next on my list of hair care tips from dermatologist is to go just a shade darker! Dr. Draelos professor at Duke University School of Medicine in Durhan says this is actually a pretty simple trick that won’t change your look dramatically but help you reduce some hair damage each month without having to give up dyes for good. Just a tad darker hair looks healthier as well which is also a good reason to embrace this smart trick.


Go Easy with High Temperatures

This is one of the best of good doctor’s hair tips ever and I absolutely love the explanation that follows! So, here’s the deal – if you attack your damp or wet hair using maximum heat you’re putting yourself at risk of having “bubble hair”! And, yes, I mean literally! Water that’s in your hair, in this case, doesn’t evaporate and leave the hair shaft but creates bubbles inside weakening its structure and making it brittle! The solution? Take it easy! Start with a low setting and gradually increase temperature.


Go Easy on Shampoo

I’ve already talked about over-shampooing and it’s negative effect on both your hair and your budget but I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned that this happens to be one of the most popular hair care tips from dermatologist as well. In fact, ever single article and interview I’ve read states that a shampoo needs to be applied on your roots only and worked into the ends slowly and sparingly. But here’s another useful piece of into by Dr. Mirmirani from the University of California in San Francisco – do not fall for those miraculous over-the-counter hair growth formulas and make sure you choose a shampoo that


Doctor is Your Friend

Itchy, flaky scalp and dandruff may be a result of a hair product not “sitting” too well but may also indicate a skin condition self-medicating won’t solve. No need to get alarmed, though, all I’m trying to say is that you shouldn’t be embarrassed or afraid to seek help in case you notice your scalp feels strange. And it’s not only a professional hair care advice you’d do well to remember but an honest advice just anyone could give you. Stay tuned, though, because I have a few more hair care tips from dermatologists to share before I wish you a nice day and an even nicer-looking hair!


Get Informed

Dermatologist all agree that some of the treatments advertised as “harmless” ,“natural” or free of this or that chemical, often contain other equally harmful chemicals your skin, hair and body would do much better without. Some of those chemicals can only harm you if you breathe them in yet some can be absorbed into your skin and blood causing health risks you really don’t want. So, before you break under the pressure of commercials and success stories of happy customers, listen to this well intended professional hair care advice do your best to pry out even the info the seller doesn’t want you to know to decide whether or not you really want it and how to protect yourself best both before and after the treatment.


Drugstore Brands Are Okay

Last on my list of hair care tips from dermatologist is another useful tip Dr. Mirmirani was nice enough to share on the American Academy of Dermatology back in 2009. She believes budget-friendly drugstore brands we usually dismiss as too-cheap-to-be-good are actually just as good as pricy saloon brands. Well, now that’s a relief although I have to note that paying big bucks for a certain well loved professional product often is well worth it.

Have you ever received a couple of hair tips from dermatologist and would you visit a doctor only if you absolutely must of have no problem asking for a professional hair care advice on everything from styling products to dyes and tools? I do believe a professional advice based on knowledge, practice and years and years of research is the best one a person can receive yet I do know a couple of people who wouldn’t visit a doctor, well, even if their life depended on it!

Source: American Academy of Dermatology

Top Image Source: weheartit.com

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Silicones will make your hair SO DRY, especially if it is fine. It might look great for a day, but you'll have static like crazy and it will take weeks to get it back to normal. Look at your ingredient list and if it has anything with "-cone" at the end, don't use it.

In another articale that I read on here said that it is better to shampoo twice so should I or shouldn't confused sorry and it was on 7 tips for shampooing your hair like a pro

that... what kind of shampoo???

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