7 Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Salon Etiquette ...


7 Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Salon Etiquette ...
7 Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Salon Etiquette ...

Hair salon etiquette or good hair salon manners, if you prefer, really do matter and are something you should really pay a lot of attention to in case you want to become one of those clients salon management is always glad to see and more than happy to accommodate even in rush hours. Sounds like a lot of trouble to go over a simple hair cut but, believe me, learning how to act in a hair salon and developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the folks at your fave salon pays out in more ways than you could imagine and is really worth focusing your attention to. And with that said, here are a few basic Q&A points to help you perfect your social skills and polish up your hair salon etiquette:

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Is It O.K to Be a Little Late?

Although being on time for your hair appointment is considered not only best, but a part of flawless hair salon etiquette you should really work on, there are times when being a little late is okay. First appointment with a new stylist still qualifies as a must-show-up-on-time, of course, although you are allowed to be a bit late at times once you become a regular. Most salons will take the “academic quart” (15 extra minutes) into account when scheduling your appointment but will expect you not to abuse that to a point when your constantly being late disrupts their entire scheme.


What if My Stylist is Running behind?

Your stylist and the other customers are allowed their academic quarts as well which means you shouldn't go ballistic in case the client scheduled before you is still sitting on the chair upon your arrival. Be patient and flip through a magazine –good hair salon manners come with a super sized portion of lady-like attitude, minus the diva garnish! Speak up in case you find yourself warming the bench longer than it is socially acceptable or take your business elsewhere in case this becomes a standard practice. In case you’re fond of the salon and don’t feel like giving it up so easily, you can stress the fact that you’re short on time while scheduling your appointment.


Whom Should I Tip?

And the most important issue of them all – tipping etiquette for a hair salon! Isn’t this super confusing? Well, let’s clear things up right now so you’ll never have to face the same problem again! In case we’re talking about a small salon in which the stylist happens to be a salon owner as well you should tip to show your appreciation for the excellence of provided services. Tipping a salon owner or manager in big salons, in the other hand, isn’t necessary or expected but you can choose to do so in case they’ve managed to squeeze you in or are constantly trying to accommodate your needs as best as possible. Independent contractors pocket the full amount of the service costs but would appreciate tips as well while the commissioned employees receive only a percentage of the full service costs and are the ones you should never forget to reward for their good work. Shampoo girl is usually a trainee working for tips and a very small compensation only so tipping her wouldn’t be out of question either.


How Much Should I Tip?

This hair salon etiquette 101 manual just wouldn’t be complete without a complete and detailed tip breakdown to help you leave the salon absolutely happy and positive nobody in there will remember you as a poor tipper. When tipping a stylist or colorist make sure the tip isn’t lower than 15 to 20 percent of the total cost. Usual tip for a shampoo person can be anywhere from a dollar to five, all depending on a salon and the same rule applies in case you’re receiving a free manicure or a facial while you’re waiting for your turn.


Are There Any Exceptions to These Tipping Rules?

Absolutely and there are even some cases in which you should tip more or suppress your urge to tip completely! Tip extra in case you were super-late, in case you had to do last minute re-scheduling, in case the stylist has agreed to squeeze you in or in case you need to take your children with you and “forget” to tip in case you had to wait for a long time only to receive a half-ass, rushed job you’re not entirely happy with. In case you’re rocking a hairstyle or hair color that requires you to visit a hair salon at least two times a month, skimping on the tips is acceptable although not something you should do every time.


What Kind of Chit Chat is Considered Appropriate?

Still wondering how to act in a hair salon? You’ve made it on time, remembered all tipping rules to the letter but there’s still one big issue to cover – what on earth are you supposed to talk about for such a long time? Relax – there’s no need to memorize the weather forecast for the entire month! Sharing a few personal details is, in fact, advised although you should draw a straight line between personal and way too personal. Don’t gossip, never reveal details that are too intimate for the listener to feel comfortable and steer clear of salary-related topics but do share a few personal facts that could help your stylist come up with a perfect hairstyle for you (such as your age, profession, at home hair care and styling routine etc.)


What if I Can’t Make It?

Last but not the least – the why’s and how’s of canceling your appointment! You’ll be surprised to know that a lot of folks out there still haven’t mastered this part of hair salon etiquette and even think that calling to cancel the appointment is a waste of time! That’s a big no-no right there, my ladies, as being a no-show for your appointment is actually worse than standing somebody up for a date – we’re talking about financial losses in addition to the wasted time here and they both spell out disrespect. And if you don’t show respect for your stylist, how can you hope to get excellent service in return? Pick up your phone, ring the salon and let them know you’re not coming so they could regroup, reschedule and earn the money they would have lost waiting on you to show up!

Do you pay a lot of attention to your hair salon etiquette, ladies, and are there any other good salon manners you’d like to point out as necessary? Let me hear back from all of you stylist as well as I’m super interested to know what are the best and the worst experiences you’ve had with your clients!

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I am a stylist, and running behind happens unexpectedly. "forgetting" to tip because a stylist is running behind is horrible.... I refuse to rush through clients because someone is waiting for a little while. If you sit and wait, I will give you your alloted time as well, just as I have for my previous client who put be behind schedule. If you tip less because of it, then I will "rush" through your appointment next time so that the other people dont have to wait since thats clearly such an issue to you!

As a stylist who has worked under commission and as lease, I think it is completely appropriate to skip the tip when you are not happy with your service. As a salon mamager I can tell you that it does send a mixed signal. I've had to deal with unhappy clients and had some even ask specifically for a different stylist. When the employee learns of this the very first thing I hear is "I don't know why she wouldn't want to come back to me. She even tipped me for her service!" That being said, I do not agree with telling anyone that it's "Ok to be late for your appointment." I work very hard to stay on time with my schedule. I'm generally double booked (one client processing while another client gets a cut or I begin her color service) so this can become a disaster very quickly. Yes it will happen on occasion that I will get behind, but if 2 or 3 of my clients came in with that type of understanding my entire schedule for the day could be ruined. Not to mention every client I have after those late people. It all comes down to respecting other people, if your respect my schedule and it's MY fault I get behind, you can rest assured that I will make it up to you. If a client is notorius for being late I won't work nearly as hard to fit her into a tight day as I would if I knew she wasn't the type to throw my entire schedule off.

Agreed. Taking a job where tips are part of your pay means that you need to budget for the chance that you are not getting tipped. I am already paying for a service, and if I don't feel that it's good, then I will not pay extra. I am on a budget too, so if I am paying say, $50 for a cut, that should be all that I am required to pay. If I am feeling generous, THEN I MAY pay more, but that is at MY discression.

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