7 Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...


7 Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...
7 Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...

Growing out your hair in general can be a difficult and frankly annoying process. Growing out your bangs adds in an extra bit of agony. As someone who’s gone back and forth with bangs her whole life, I can assure you these tips and tricks will help make growing out your bangs less grueling.

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Braid, Roll, Twist & Pin

One of the key steps to growing out your bangs is knowing how to keep them off your face . This is useful for anyone with bangs whether you don’t want them down all the time or are in between cuts. In addition to learning to roll, or twist your hair, braids are really in right now, so why not use one of these styles to help while growing out your bangs? The last crucial part of this is pinning them back, remember that the flat side of a bobby pin goes up!


Headbands Are Friends

It may sound crazy to some, but a lot of people are afraid of wearing headbands. Whether its forehead issues or awkwardly shaped heads, folks try to stay away from these helpful little accessories. I’m here to tell you, ladies, that headbands are not all bad. Especially if you’ve decided to grow out your bangs. Find cute ones that match your style and embrace them! In case you’re worried about your hair looking harsh being pulled back off your face, find a way to wear a head band with your bangs not so tightly pulled into it. This along with pinning your bangs back is a matter of trial and error to see what works best for you.


Maintain Your Bangs

Now this one might seem counterproductive in order to actually growing out your bangs, but along with the rest of your hair, keeping the ends trimmed and healthy is vital to hair growth. I’m not suggesting you should continue getting them cut to the same length - invest in a decent pair of hair scissors/sheers instead and just trim ends that are looking frayed. Trust me, having a pair of these on hand is worth it, especially if you wear bangs in your everyday style because sometimes those pesky hairs don’t like to lay right!



Many hair gurus will swear by a little supplement known as Biotin. From personal use I can attest to this product and its benefits. Not only does Biotin help in growing out hair, but it helps your skin and nails as well. Who doesn’t want healthy hair, skin, and nails, right ladies? If you’re hesitant to take this though simply run it by your doctor and I’m fairly certain they’ll give you the okay.


Slicked Back

If you’re wearing your hair up or even in a half up do, put your hair spray to work. Don’t go crazy and slick everything down to your head or make yourselves look bald, but practice a bit on how to spray back your bangs while they’re at that awkward length. Bobby pins can come into play here too, if used correctly, of course!


Be Patient

Unfortunately, there is no rapid fire way to make your bangs grow out overnight or even over a week, but with the tips mentioned already paired with some old fashioned patience, the process will not seem as difficult. Trust me, I know how agonizing it can feel waiting for your bangs to grow out, so much so that I’ve even said, "Whatever," and cut them back again. Don’t let your hair win ladies!


Deep Thoughts

Unfortunately, you cannot think hard enough to make your hair grow longer, if things worked that way we’d all have perfect hair and Victoria Secret model bodies while sitting on Pinterest for hours a day! You can, however, think about your next cut. Before putting your hair back under the knife (well... scissors) think about what you had to go through with your bangs in the past. I can’t tell you how many times I, or my friends, get bangs after growing them out for so long, just to start this cycle all over again. So, before you give your stylist the go ahead, make sure that’s what you want.

Well there you have it ladies, some sure fire tips to help make growing out your bangs feel like less of a hassle while still feeling beautiful. I wish there was some magic secret to make the process speed along faster, but in the meantime just take this advice to help make your bang growing experience a little easier. So ladies, what tips are you going to try for yourselves?

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bangs hair growing out (via Twitter)

>_< I always do number 7...I try to remember how much I hate my bangs blowing in the wrong direction, etc. but I just end up cutting them again. Blah! I'm going to get biotin though, for my nails, but now also my hair!

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