7 Tips for Growing out Your Bangs ...


Growing out your hair in general can be a difficult and frankly annoying process. Growing out your bangs adds in an extra bit of agony. As someone who’s gone back and forth with bangs her whole life, I can assure you these tips and tricks will help make growing out your bangs less grueling.

1. Braid, Roll, Twist & Pin

One of the key steps to growing out your bangs is knowing how to keep them off your face . This is useful for anyone with bangs whether you don’t want them down all the time or are in between cuts. In addition to learning to roll, or twist your hair, braids are really in right now, so why not use one of these styles to help while growing out your bangs? The last crucial part of this is pinning them back, remember that the flat side of a bobby pin goes up!

Headbands Are Friends
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