7 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Brush ...


7 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Brush ...
7 Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Brush ...

How to choose a hair brush is a question all of us hair savvy girls tend to ask ourselves at some point and the fact that there are so many of them to choose from doesn’t really make finding the best hair brush any easier! Some ladies stumble upon the perfect one by accident, super-lucky ones have a BFF hair stylist and don’t even have to worry about it, yet I’m sure there are a few ladies out there who still feel like they are missing something and firmly believe their current grooming & styling routine can be improved even more! That’s why I simply had to come up with a list of tips to help make the process of choosing a hair brush even easier! Have fun reading these, ladies, and wish you the best of luck in your search for the perfect brush.

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Groom Daily with a Cushion or Paddle Brush

Wondering how to choose a hair brush to help you detangle, style and care for your precious tresses on daily basis? Well, it’s actually quite simple – all you’ll need to do is take your pick between a paddle and a cushion brush! Large and flat, paddle brush will help you detangle your long, straight tresses in no-time while an oval-shaped cushion brush works best for medium-length hair with a bit of wave or curl.


Thick Hair Loves Boar Bristles

Thick, wavy or curly hair absolutely loves boar bristles, which is something you should definitely have in mind when choosing a hair brush! Boar bristles will help you manage your voluptuous tresses, detangle them perfectly without damage and will also help distribute essential oils from your scalp all the way to the ends promoting health and strength of your hair. Due to their superb massage and cleansing effects, boar bristle brushes are also a perfect massage tool to use on your scalp and will even help remove product buildup, leaving your hair clean, soft and healthy.


Cut Drying Time in Half with the Help of a Vent Brush

Finding the best hair brush for a quick blowout is a piece of cake really! Choose a rectangular vent brush in case your hair is mostly straight as is and doesn’t really need that much of heat or styling to look absolutely perfect. Designed to maximize hot air circulation, lighter and much easier to use than a round brush (which you might want to hold on to and use for professional-looking, special occasion blowouts), this brush will help you style and dry your tresses much faster and better than usual!


Embrace Nylon but Say “NO” to Plastic

Don’t go just yet as I have a few more tips on how to choose a hair brush and the one that comes next is something all of you ladies with thin hair prone to static will find extremely useful. Now, if this sounds like your hair type, you’ve probably noticed natural bristles don’t help much and are probably wondering should you simply embrace hair static or go back to plastic brushes despite the risk of hair damage. The answer? Neither! Plastic bristles are outdated so in case boar bristles aren’t your hair’s favorite, you should definitely give nylon brushes a shot! Hair experts agree nylon bristles are suitable for virtually all hair types as they don’t only help remove electric charge but glide between the strands easily without causing damage even advising you to take a step further and take the best of both worlds – a brush made with both boar and nylon bristles.


Nylon brushes offer a fantastic middle ground, particularly for those struggling with static-filled, fine hair. They provide a gentle approach while effectively detangling. Importantly, these brushes won't contribute to breakage or split ends, which can be a concern with cheaper, harsher plastics. Beyond diminishing static, nylon-bristled brushes can withstand the rigors of daily use and are often more durable than their natural counterparts. If you're someone who regularly uses heat styling tools, a nylon brush can also be an excellent choice, as they can resist heat much better, ensuring your brushing routine seamlessly integrates with your styling regimen.


Round Brush for a Perfect Blowout

Need some help for choosing a hair brush to help you get that flawless, professional-looking blowout at home and with no extra costs? May I suggest a round hair brush or two? Better make it two as having a smaller one to help you straighten hair close to your scalp and a bigger one to make sure the rest of your length gets the same treatment is generally considered best! Choose a medium-sized round brush in case your hair is of medium length or go for a jumbo one if there’s a lot of length to work on. Ceramic or tourmaline vented brushes are best for straightening thick, voluminous hair while a standard round brush does it best for thinner manes.


Tease Carefully with a Special Teasing Brush

As iconic as it is, rat tail comb is a pretty rough tool and the one you definitely shouldn’t continue using in case teasing is like breathing for you – absolutely necessary! You want to keep your hair healthy, rip and split free, now – don’t you? Well, that’s why the next step in finding the best hair brush to add to your impressive collection should be shopping for a boar bristle teasing brush. This amazing tool will help you achieve that impressive volume while reducing the amount of damage and stress your hair has to suffer which, ultimately, allows you to get the cake and eat it too!


Tame Your Stubborn Locks with the Help of an Hourglass-Shaped Brush

Last on my tips on how to choose a hair brush is for all of you ladies whose hair tends to put up a real fight during blowouts, either refusing to get straight or deciding frizz and flyaways are the best ways to thank you for your efforts. You should get yourself a round brush as well but, instead of purchasing a regular one like you always do, go for an hourglass- shaped one in the preferred size. This highly useful shape formed by the rows of longer bristles on top and bottom and a short-bristled center will prove to be a perfect no-slip surface for your hair, allowing you to really do each section perfectly without it slipping off the brush and turning all frizzy!

How important finding the best hair brush is for you and are there any extra tips you’ve either mastered and want to share or hope the other ladies would share with you? Well, ask or speak up – any tip or trick that could help an average, hair savvy girl learn how to choose a hair brush and improve her hair care and styling routine is greatly appreciated!

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