7 Sensational Style Tips for Thinning Hair ...


7 Sensational Style Tips for Thinning Hair ...
7 Sensational Style Tips for Thinning Hair ...

If you’re one of the many women facing the common problem of thinning hair, I’ve found some simple style tips for thinning hair that you can try out! Hair loss can result from genetic factors, health issues, medication or even products you use on your hair but regardless of why, let’s focus on how we can work with our hair! We don’t have to stand by defenselessly, there are things we can do so let’s do it!

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Use Volumizing Products

Have you tried adding some volume in your life as a way to style thinning hair? Using volumizing products that do not contain paraffin can help add more lift and oomph to your hair without damaging your hair or weighing it down. Try a volumizing mousse or spray on the roots, blow dry, and style by gently back-combing or teasing and use a light mist of hair spray. I’m not a big fan of teasing myself because I think it does more harm than good but I know some ladies love to tease so you can either go for it or try a gentler method by using hair spray on dry hair and then styling it so you get the look and feel of teasing without any damage.


Switch Shampoos

One of the pre-style tips for thinning hair is to use a shampoo that’s free of sulfates. The main ingredient in question here are Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) which are super cheap ingredient added to lots of shampoos to cleanse and create lather. Shampoos without SLS are much less drying, less harsh and less likely to irritate your skin and scalp all of which we don’t need when dealing with thinning hair! Need another reason to use sulfate-free shampoo? Sulfates have been identified as containing a possible carcinogen after undergoing a process known as ethoxylation so stay away from sulfates!


Try an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

It seems like we’re just recently started discovering all of the rad benefits apple cider vinegar has to offer and it goes far beyond tips for thinning hair! You want to make sure your scalp is healthy because it’s key to having healthy hair. So, one way to keep your scalp clean and free of clogged hair follicles as well as adding shine, reducing hair loss and dandruff is to use an apple cider vinegar rinse. You can use it before you shampoo or afterward as a final rinse, just make sure you don’t have a sensitive scalp or scalp condition that could be exacerbated by this rinse!


Get a Hair Cut

One of the ways to style thinning hair or reduce the time you spend styling your hair is to get a short haircut like a pixie or bob. Short hair is good for a number of reasons; long hair can be heavy which can result in dragging hair down which can actually increase hair loss and short hair gives your hair a chance to grow back healthier and a short hairstyle will give thinning hair an instant makeover by appearing thicker.


Consider Getting Bangs

Consider getting some sideswept bangs as an easy styling tip for thinning hair. If you want to disguise thinning hair in the front hairline area or temple area, having longer, sweeping bangs can cover up areas of hair loss as well and bangs are an always chic and classy look. If you’ve always wondered about getting bangs but weren’t ready for the commitment, sideswept bangs are a fab option because they offer a much softer look without having to commit to a blunt bang.


Add Some Layers

Layering your hair can limit some of the options when it comes styling tips for thinning hair but it can give the illusion of having fuller hair. Add layers to a shorter or long hairstyle to add and enhance volume as well as conceal hair loss. Also, ask your stylist about razoring the ends of your hair for a textured and uneven look. I say ask because some hair types look great with razored ends while coarse hair like mine don’t look so hot, so take your hair type into consideration before jumping feet first into any new styles!


Give Yourself a Massage

Ok, I’m straying from hair tips and ways to style thinning hair but this is such a nice thing for us to do for ourselves that I had to mention it! Massaging your scalp with coconut oil can be relaxing and really beneficial for our hair and scalp. Coconut oil is said to decrease the amount of protein loss from hair which is a huge aspect in hair loss and damage so if you decide to massage your scalp, using coconut oil can help combat hair damage and loss when used at least twice a week!

Hair loss can make a huge impact on our lives and these styling tips for thinning hair are just some of the few things we can do about it! While there aren’t quick and easy fixes to thinning hair, we have lots of options things that we can experiment with in order to disguise it! Be sure to talk to your doctor about hair loss first to determine if there might be an underlying condition that you might not be aware of before trying out any of these tips.

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As a hairstylist, and someone with thin hair, i disagree with one of your tips: You do not want to layer your hair if you have thin hair. However, a shorter cut will give you the most volume. Length will weigh you down, and cause your hair to appear even thinner than it already is.

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