7 Things to Consider before Dying Your Hair Blond ...


7 Things to Consider before Dying Your Hair Blond ...
7 Things to Consider before Dying Your Hair Blond ...

There are plenty of things to consider before dying your hair and when we’re talking about color as delicate as blonde, that list runs even longer! Luckily for all of you blondes-to-be, there are plenty of tips for going blonde and first hand experiences to take into account before you decide to change your hair color so dramatically. These following 7 tips for blondes will certainly help you prepare for things that are expecting you on this journey:

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Sense of Humor, Anyone?

Okay, this might not be one of the most important, super crucial things to consider before dying your hair but is a good way to start nevertheless! And all of you blondes out there know how annoying some people can be even for those ladies who really love to hear a good blonde joke. People, especially men, tend to cling to stereotypes way too much which, although cool because of all that extra attention you’ll get, can result in a few undeniably ridiculous acquaintances with folks who truly believe blond hair indicates a gossip column worthy lifestyle and state of mind! Geez!


Your Hair Quality Will Not Remain the Same

If you’re a dark haired women dying to experiment with Pamela Anderson-like hair color, you’ll probably want to know there will be a lot of bleaching, dying and maybe even highlighting involved, all of which bound to change the way your hair looks and feels. Now, I know you might feel like I’m really trying to make these tips for going blonde sound really scary but, trust me, this is something you should know now so you wouldn’t totally freak out once the transition is done. This absolutely doesn’t mean your hair is going to get totally fried so relax and let your stylist do what he or she does best but do brace yourself for the fact that slight changes of your hair quality are to be expected.


You’ll Need to Change Your Hair Care Routine

A bit (or sometimes even a lot) dryer than your natural hair, hair dyed blond will require you to use a few more hair products than before. It will feel clean longer, which is a definite plus and you won’t have to wash it as often although you will have to ditch shampoo and conditioner you’ve used so far and switch to something with greater moisturizing, nourishing and restorative properties. You’ll probably need to deep condition it more than before too and throw in product or two you haven’t even thought about using so far. Caring for blonde hair is an ongoing process which some women might find too time-consuming, which is why I strongly believe this is an important thing to consider before going blond.


Slight Style Changes Might Be Necessary

We’re far from being finished, girlies, and yes, there are more things to consider before dying your hair and making this super radical change! Now, I’m sure this isn’t a must for all blondes, but you should know that wearing white, yellow, orange or red clothes is a big no-no for some as it makes their flaxen tresses appear yellowish. There’s also the whole new makeup routine you’ll have to adapt to in order to look perfect with your new hair color which, although quite fun in most cases, can be a major turn off in times when you have to be ready fast.


Blond Hair is High Maintenance

Really high maintenance! I’m talking regular touch-ups and maybe even highlights, glazes, new hair care products, tints, blue shampoo – a simple quick scan of any list of tips for blondes will reveal all those issues flaxen-haired ladies are facing with on daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis! And if you want a perfect blonde shade, you can’t count on cheating! Sure, you can attempt a few DIYs but there are still tons of things you’ll need a pro for and you’ll need to take that into account before taking a leap only to realize you’re not comfortable with that much green going out of your pocket each month.


Your Color Needs to Match Your Skin Tone

Skin tone and complimenting colors might easily be one of the most important things to consider before dying your hair! And this goes for all hair colors, not just blonde! Poorly chosen shade of blonde can drain the color out of your face and even make you appear older which, I’m sure, isn’t what you’re going for. Warm skin tones, in general, look best with natural, golden tresses or highlights while women with a cool skin tone can allow themselves to enjoy icy, platinum shades.


Light Blonde Shades Are Super Hard to Keep Perfect

Last on my list of tips for going blonde is a must-read in case you’re determined to rock platinum blond hair despite your naturally very dark tresses! Now, I don’t want to ruin your mood or talk you out of trying something radically new but, believe me, you’ll spend more time worrying about your hair than actually enjoying it! Dark growth, yellow tones, parts that, for some reason, don’t react too well to bleach or dyes are just one of many thoughts that will be going through your mind and, although you’ll really love your hair after each touch up, you will notice the euphoria tends to wear off very soon, almost as it were trying to make space for all those other hair related problems you’re facing with on daily basis.

Are there any other things you would appreciate a chance to consider before dying your hair and which of these tips for going blonde did you find extremely useful?

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I'm so happy I have naturally blonde hair and don't have to do all this stuff. But yes, skin tone is VERY important. If you have naturally tan skin and go platinum, it looks very fake. Also, eyebrows. It's a dead giveaway if you have dark eyebrows and light hair.

i have naturally blonde hair , and its not a lot of work at all

I wanna be a dirty blond and have the same hair color as the girl in the cover picture. Is that easier to do even though my hair is dark brown

You've brought up some great points, but really, No. 4 is extremely subjective. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if I want to wear white, red, orange, or yellow with my fake blond hair (regardless of the cool or warm tone my hue may carry) regardless if someone else think it looks hideous, I'm gonna rock it because that's my prerogative.

brunettes can def go white blonde, as heather said its a matter of doing it correctly!

Wearing certain colors doesn't matter at all, it just makes my hair look like gold! :) It's also not high maintenance! And if you're a brunette please don't dye your hair platinum blond; it looks bad!

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