8 Foolproof Tips for Straightening Your Hair ...


8 Foolproof Tips for Straightening Your Hair ...
8 Foolproof Tips for Straightening Your Hair ...

Tips for straightening your hair will help keep it in the best condition possible. Hair straightening is a pretty normal practice these days that it almost seems like second nature! However, let’s get back to basics to ensure that you get the best outcomes possible when straightening your hair. If you strive for strong, healthy looking locks then take a look at the following few tips for straightening your hair.

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Size up

When it comes to tips for straightening your hair, take a look at your flat iron. Is it the right size for your needs? The length and thickness of your hair can determine what size iron you need. Those with shorter, finer hair will probably be better off using a flat iron with narrower plates. If you have longer, thicker hair then a flat iron with wider plates may be your best bet.


Set Your Heat

While you may be tempted to put your flat iron to the highest heat setting for quickest results, this can potentially end up damaging your hair. If you can, choose a flat iron with variable heat settings as this will give you greater choice and more to work with. As a general rule, the finer your hair, the lower the heat setting should be.


Prepare Your Hair

Heat styling can potentially damage your hair, so it pays to make sure you prepare your hair properly before you straighten it. When it comes to foolproof tips for straightening your hair, preparation is key. Wash and condition your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner and then blow dry it and brush it using a natural bristle brush. This will help get it as straight as possible before taking to it with a flat iron.


Protect Your Hair

Protect your hair and minimise any damage by applying some heat styling products beforehand. There are a range of different products out there to suit all budgets. Anti-frizz or heat protectant products will also hopefully help create an even, smoother finish when straightening your hair.


Straighten in Sections

To get the best results possible, straighten your hair in sections. The thicker your hair, the more sections you should create. When looking at tips for straightening your hair, start straightening the bottom sections of your hair and gradually work your way to the top sections.


Move Steadily

When you’re straightening your hair, move the flat iron down the shaft of your hair at a steady pace. This will allow heat to be distributed more evenly and hopefully prevent the need to go over sections repeatedly.


Style Smartly

After you’ve straightened your hair, you might want to add a few more styling products to it. These could be anything from hairspray to anti-frizz serum. Try and avoid any products that list water as one of the first few ingredients as adding moisture to your straightened hair can cause it to curl up again.


Clean Your Tools

While it may not be your first instinct, it’s important to clean your flat iron after you use it. Once it’s completely cooled down, use an iron cleaner or wipe it down with a lukewarm cloth. This will help remove any product build up and ensure an even finish every time you use it.

Hopefully these tips will have you straightening your hair like a pro. Are you a serial hair straightener or do you prefer to let nature take its course? What are your foolproof tips for straightening your hair?

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Gggrrrr I wash my hair and it's lovely. The next day it feels rubbish n hard to straighten!!! Any tips :(

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