7 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color Safely ...


7 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color Safely ...
7 Tips for Changing Your Hair Color Safely ...

Tips for changing hair color might be the most useful thing a girl can read as she starts thinking about changing her looks a bit. But seriously – some will help you determine which colors look best with your skin tone, some will help you learn new things about various dying techniques and some will even help you learn how to dye hair safely! If this last sounds like something you might be interested to know more about (and I know it does) do keep reading, as I’m about to share a few tips for safe dying you’ll definitely find useful:

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Lighten It in Stages

First on my list of tips for changing hair color dramatically comes from a pro colorist Nancy Brown. She advises you to be patient and work your way to a desired color slowly and most importantly, safely! This basically means that you’ll need to lighten up your dark tresses to a medium to light brown shade first then work your way through the color chart to get the desired shade. Follow the same principle and lighten your new light brown even further if you want to go blonde, settling for a golden blonde first before moving to an even lighter shade.


Try Toners and Tints

Not sure if you want to go lighter? Why don’t you give this next tip for changing your hair color safely a shot? Now, I know toners and tints are not the same as hair dyes but, trust me, they can significantly change the way you feel about your current hair color and even help you completely change the undertone you’re not particularly satisfied with. I used to rely on these a lot back in my blondie days, mixed them with my dye or just used alone to avoid an extra bleach or dye session.


Serious Lightening Requires a Skilled Pro

I’ve said it once but I’ll say it again: pro colorists all agree on at least one thing – a perfect shade, oh so different than your natural color doesn’t come wrapped in a shiny box! Do expect good results if you have a light base but consult a pro before opting for a box-dye if you’re hoping to go more than two shades lighter. This might easily be one of the most boring tips for safe dyeing and I know I’m mentioning it way too much but, hey, I’ve promised to speak the truth and nothing but the truth. And the truth here is plain and simple – you can’t copy-paste your BFF’s dyeing routine and be 100% sure it would work just as great for you. Some types of hair are a pleasure to work with, others need more time, products and attention… and the only way to make sure that your particular color and type will get the treatment they need with the least amount of damage possible is to turn to the guys (and girls) who know it best.


Give Temporary Colors a Go

Hair colors that can be washed out are the perfect way to experiment with a hot new color without the long term commitment or unnecessary hair damage! Imagine a guilt-free, risk-free friends with benefits kind of fling because that’s exactly what you’re getting with these – in case you happen to fall in love you can make it permanent at any moment, you can leave it aside whenever something better comes along or abandon completely without having to reach for your inner fiction-writer to help you explain yourself. Give them a go…or keep reading to discover a few more tips for changing color without having to give up the silky soft feeling of healthy hair.


High or Low Light It

Highlights and lowlights are a perfect tip for safe dying as well, as they help you have that radical change without the huge sacrifice. You are sacrificing some strands, of course, and you must know that in cases of very light highlight, some amount of damage may occur but hey…more than 60 percent of your hair will be left intact and help balance out the look. High or low lights do not require monthly touch ups, which is just another perk to consider! Take my dear sister’s advice if you want to try these and inquire about a foil method. Quite time consuming as it most certainly is, this method allows the stylist to section out strands that have already been treated and touch up new growth only, as opposed to pulling out and treating both the pre-treated and uncolored ones.


Temporary DIY Projects

Wondering how to dye hair safely without the conventional dyes? Well, there’s a whole range of DIY mixtures you can use for this purpose! From tea rinses to henna and even cool aid – we’ve definitely explored the majority of these and mastered the art of DIYing by now, haven’t we? Give them a go in case you’re totally against conventional dyes or are in the market for a fun, no commitment project to do over the weekend!


Condition Forehand

“Better safe than sorry”! And what better intro there is for this last on my list of tips for changing hair color safely! Now, we all know that dyeing hair when it’s completely clean and stripped of all excess essential oils is a no-no in case you want to avoid damage, but did you know that you can actually start early and prep your hair for what’s coming? Mix a few of your favorite oils, apply on your hair and let them work their magic overnight. Wash in the morning, wait a day or two for your hair to oil up again, then apply hair dye.

Yup, ladies, figuring out how to dye hair safely is not an easy task at all, although I do hope these tips for changing hair color will help you find a perfect, least damaging way to change your looks! Do feel free to share your own tips and great ideas, of course, and do let me know which of these tips are you thinking about applying.

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Also, be aware that you can use a leave in conditioner before getting your hair colored.

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