7 Cons of Having Long Hair ...


Cons of having long hair, ah… I could write a book on that right now! Spending the biggest part of my life so far sporting a shoulder length cut at most, I’ve always secretly envied girls with long manes. And being closely related to one didn’t do much to soothe my pain either. Seeing my sister’s pin straight, super long hair pretty much on daily basis got me thinking there is no long hair con serious enough to compete with all that wow, so I’ve decided to stop ruining my hair and grow it for a change. It was a fun experience, still is actually, although I’ve learned that there are plenty of cons of having long hair girls don’t talk much about. That’s why I’ve decided to share all the bad sides I’ve noticed so far before I get totally used to them and you definitely should continue reading to find out what to expect if you decide to grow your hair long, too.

1. It’s Super Annoying

No joke! Unless you’re Serena van der Woodsen, a socialite who always has somewhere to go, someone to see, a party to attend or any other reason to be primped 24/7, you will discover that long hair can be quite uninteresting and even annoying. I wash it, let it dry, tie it up and don’t really get to enjoy the wow until I go out. It’s actually the most depressing of all cons of having long hair, because you go through all the trouble and don’t even get to enjoy it more than anyone else. Like a favorite pair of shoes – super cute, hard to part with until the next night out but not something you’d wear around the house. Now imagine dusting, scrubbing the toilet or even worse, making vegetable patties with all that length unleashed, following your every movement, getting in your eyes and stuff. So not cool!

It Loses a Lot of Volume
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