7 Cons of Short Hair ...


7 Cons of Short Hair ...
7 Cons of Short Hair ...

Cons of short hair, all of those things that will make you think twice before chopping your hair off – have you ever thought about listing them in hopes of determining how important they are? Well, I have! I’ve been talking about the new year, hairstyle changes, important decisions, maybe even talked some of you into giving a short cut a chance, yet couldn’t just let it go before sharing a few pros and cons about most the popular lengths. The cons of short hair have to follow, of course, because as great as it is, this cut does have a habit of showing its ugly face from time to time. And these are the things you need to prepare yourself for, should you decide to go for a short cut.

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It’s Easy to Get Messed up

First and the most annoying cons of short hair is, of course, the ease in which your perfect style can get totally messed up! Fall asleep before your hair is completely dry, sweat during the night or simply fall like a log and don’t change your sleeping position all night – you’ll wake up with a flattened portion that simply refuses to behave! Getting it back in place, of course, doesn’t require much time but still…it is quite annoying!


Requires Constant Maintenance

Long and medium tresses are going to look decent even if you haven’t gotten around to visit your stylist in like forever! Short hair, on the other hand, isn’t so forgiving and will require you to start seeing your stylist more often than ever before! Two months have been the longest period of time I could go without professional assistance and my hair doesn’t even grow as fast as my sister’s or mother’s.


It Limits Your Hairstyle Choices

Not a really serious con of short hair, of course, as we all know there are tons of ways to get creative with your short style. What remains a fact, however, is that some styles will be off limits once you go short! And you know how it usually goes – once you have enough length to put it up in a bun, curl it or put it up in a cascading ponytail you never get around to do it. The moment you chop that length off, there’s the urge to d o stuff you never did before!


Higher Risk of a Bad Cut

When you have long hair, decide to cut it a bit differently and end up hating the new cut, all you have to do is sacrifice a bit more length and get a new cut or decide to rock up dos more often until it grows out! It’s hard but not as hard as receiving a botched short cut you have no idea what to do with. Do you agree? It’s the worst nightmare of every short-haired girl and the reason why a lot of gals give up the idea of short hair.


Exposed Face

Okay well this is definitely a pro as far as I’m concerned! After all, what better way to show off your eyes than a short cut? Unfortunately, it also may be viewed as one of the downsides of short hair, as using your hair to hide a flaw or two won’t be possible anymore. No need to worry, though, as you can make your face appear leaner or more or less angular even if you opt for a short cut! All you need is a skilled stylist who will give you a cut perfect for your face!


Winter Chills

Hope you like winter accessories as you will need them once you decide to cut your hair short! You won’t have your hair to cover your ears and coil around your neck, keeping you toasty even when you forget to wear a shawl. But then again, you won’t have it coiling around your neck making summer heat even more unbearable. Let’s call it a tie, shall we?


Lack of Hairstyle Ideas

Ever tried browsing YouTube for short hairstyles? I have and trust me, everything note-worthy is already here, I’ve shared it with you in my posts. The catch? I’m not talking about a lot of posts! Yup, that’s how scarce good, creative short hair tutorials are!

I know you love your short tresses, ladies, and I’m giving you both of my thumbs up for it! But surely, there must be some downsides of short hair you’ve noticed as well? So tell me, what’s the biggest con of short hair for you?

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...anyone have anything POSITIVE to say about short hair? Goodness

I've had long hair for too long and it looks like trash on me in any style. Down, braid, ponytail... Forget it. When I had short hair it was much more fun and I always thought I looked great. But I used to be so sad I never had long hair. Now I realise there was no reason to be hyped. Uhg, I hate my long hair. At least I'm donating it.

I have hair that goes down to the bottom of my neck in the back, and bangs that go down to my nose. Not to forget, a shaved section of my hair from an undercut. Wowow, how I wish it would grow out :I I wake up with my undercut spiked up and I just look like a troll doll

Yes but if you have very thin hair as I do then a not so short cut makes my hair appear much thicker than it is...it would be nice to keep my long hair but unfortunately as I get older there are something's that have to go

My hair is very thick and hard to style. Piece of advice: be 100% sure you want to cut your hair!!! ;)

I miss being able to throw it in a pony tail..

I love me short hair.

Stupid post,all totally untrue

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