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7 Keys to Finding a Good Hairdresser ...

By Jordin

Nearly every woman knows the importance of finding a good hairdresser who can be trusted to create lovely hairstyles! But the question is, how exactly do you go about finding a good hairdresser? You don’t have to suffer through a bad haircut to find out that a hairdresser isn’t the one for you. Read on to discover my tips for finding a good hairdresser so you can have fabulous hair with every trip to the salon!

1 Ask for Referrals

Finding a good hairdresser can sometimes be as easy as looking around you! Ask your close friends and relatives who they go to when they need hair help. I’ve even gone as far as to ask strangers who have really great looking hair who their stylists are! If you visit a hairdresser recommended by a friend, be sure and mention her name as most salons offer discounts for each referral they receive!

2 Avoid Budget Salons

I know, a cheap haircut is always tempting. But with MOST budget salons, that’s exactly what you get- a cheap haircut. Not every budget salon is this way of course, but it’s been my own personal experience that you won’t leave satisfied with your hair when you use a lower budget barber shop or hair salon.

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3 Shop around

The beauty of finding a good hairdresser is that you never have to “settle.” As you continue your quest for the perfect match, feel free to shop around. Check out different salons and their rates and services. Go in person so you can get a feel for the atmosphere and personalities of the stylists working there. My number one tip is to always look at the stylist you are considering as your potential new hairdresser, and pay attention to her hair. If it looks well groomed, well styled, and of course has excellent color and shape, then you will know you are in good hands!

4 Ask for a Consultation

If you have found a few stylists you like, but still aren’t completely sure that you’ve met your match, ask for a consultation! Most hairdressers offer free consultations and you can go on your lunch break. Don’t stop at just one consultation; check out several different hairdressers in your area! At a consultation, you can ask your stylist what services she offers, her rates, the products and techniques she uses, and get an overall feel for her personality.

5 Establish a Good Rapport

I must stress the importance of establishing a good rapport and friendship with your stylist. Since many hairdressers eventually turn into “therapists” or “listeners,” make sure you feel comfortable with your hairdresser’s personality and attitude! A good stylist will be able to give you recommendations for cut and color, and she will also be able to look at photos you give her and copy the haircut almost exactly!

6 Don’t Feel Obligated

It’s important to point out that you should never feel obligated to your hairdresser. If it’s the first time you have visited a salon, and you hate your cut or color, don’t feel obligated to return! In fact, don’t feel obligated to feign delight. Gently and kindly point out what you are not satisfied with, and ask the stylist to fix it. If you don’t trust her with your hair anymore, leave quietly and go somewhere to have it fixed.

7 Never “Cheat” on Your Stylist

Once you have found a stylist that you are completely satisfied with, try your best not to “cheat” on her by visiting other salons. Stay faithful to her, and she will treat you like royalty every time you visit! In emergency cases, such as a visit away from home, that’s a different story. And cheating on a hair stylist includes yourself! Never attempt to cut your hair at home unless you have had beauty school training.

I’m happy to say that I have finally found my own lovely hair stylist using these tips! It can take a little time and hard work to find a hairdresser that you love, but once you are satisfied with your hairdresser (and hair!), you won’t want to change stylists. What are your tips for finding a good hairdresser? Please comment below!

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