10 Top Tips for Great Grey Hair ...


10 Top Tips for Great Grey Hair ...
10 Top Tips for Great Grey Hair ...

Tips for grey hair go way beyond “dye it and don’t let it show,” are more versatile and definitely more interesting! After all, is there a rule that says you can’t enjoy your hair exactly the way it is? Absolutely not! A neat tip for grey hair, on the other hand, isn’t something you should cast away so easily, especially if we’re talking about tips for grey hair such as these that are about to follow. Check them out right now, put your hair care knowledge to the test and find out how to make your silvery tresses even more beautiful.

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Great Cut

One of the most talked about pro tips for grey hair – a super fabulous cut is a must have in any stage of your life and especially once your hair starts turning grey. It will help keep your look fresh, trendy and youthful, turning your grey mane into a fashion statement rather than an age-related thing! Think Judi Dench’s hairstyle – now there’s a girl with a seriously stylish cut! Don’t act like you don’t like it!


Careful Conditioning is a Must

Once your hair starts turning grey you may even discover that its texture is not exactly what you’re used to. Fear not, as it is a common problem with grey hair. Its texture may be subject to change, it may get coarser, frizzier and more difficult to style, but all of those things can be reversed with proper care. Invest in a great conditioner, nurture it, get a professional moisturizing treatment done here and there and your hair will look and feel absolutely gorgeous.


Great Shampoo Saves the Day

Sun and cigarette smoke might give your silvery tresses an awkward yellowish or brassy tinge and prevent you from fully enjoying your hair! No need to worry – such things are easily fixed! Furthermore, I believe this tip for grey hair couldn’t be any simpler –shampoo for grey hair! You can purchase a professional grade product designed to fit the needs of your hair or, in case such products are not easily available, go for a purple shampoo. It will brighten your hair, giving it a very classy, always on trend silvery tone.


Consider a Glaze or a Color Shampoo

Regardless of how cool and liberating the thought of ditching dye is, you might want to re-consider your decision if your skin tone is warm. Grey or silver aren’t always the best choice here, unfortunately. But hey, let’s look on the bright side – you can always opt for a glaze, a light honey blonde or a color shampoo that will help you match your hair with your skin tone yet prove to be a relatively low maintenance option, too.


Consider Different Looks

Your journey to great, chic grey hair is full of alternative paths! If your hair hasn’t turned completely white you can highlight it for an all-over salt and pepper look. Opt for a chic short cut if you’re planning on going natural after years of dying and consider highlights of semi permanent dyes to help you bridge the gap and avoid the unkempt two-toned look. Alternatively, opt for a lighter color such as ashy or golden blonde to help you transition into the look and get used to wearing lighter hair color.


Consider Natural Color Enhancers

Well, here’s a grey hair tip you should most certainly try if you’re looking for a natural substitute for purple shampoo! Squeeze the juice of one lemon, mix it with two cups of water then use this rinse once a month to ward off smoke and pollution-induced stains/brassiness and install fresh silvery shine into your tresses!


Optimal Care above All

Once hair turns grey its texture may change – we’ve already established that. But did you know it could also turn more brittle and dry? DIY concoctions are always a perfect budget-friendly solution, of course, although you should think twice before voting off any pricey, salon-quality products. If it can make your hair go from “meh” to “wow,” it’s definitely worth it, and stylists happen to agree on that one, too, pointing out that optimal care is not something your hair should be denied at this stage.


Adjust Your Makeup

Deciding to let your greys show isn’t much different than any other hair color change which, of course, means you’ll have to go through some makeup changes as well! Acquire tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your new look, give them a try and adopt the ones you end up liking the most.


It’s All about the Attitude

Having really awesome grey hair is basically 50% care and 50% attitude, meaning that, in order to really rock it, you absolutely must be sure that you want it and can handle it! The downside – it might prove to be a really big change for you. The upside? Changes are good and, let’s face it, there are plenty of grey-haired famous ladies out there to prove how chic and stylish this particular change can be!


Keep It Styled

A great cut will undoubtedly make looking great on daily basis much easier, although the biggest and hardest part of the job is still resting on your shoulders! And you don’t need me to tell you that poorly maintained style is a doorway to frumpiness, do you? Opt for a low maintenance cut if you can’t commit to a lot of styling or, should you go for a high maintenance one, work out a few last minute, SOS tricks to help you look great even when your hair is determined not to obey.

Love your hair, embrace some (if not all) of these grey hair tips, be confident and you’ll rock a silver fox look like a movie star! But, tell me, ladies –is there a great hair tip you’d like to chime in with? Go ahead, the more, the merrier!

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Having raw curry leaves(India) reverse s premature greying of hair. Also having amla juice

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