8 Helpful Hints on Hair Tools and How to Use Them ...


8 Helpful Hints on Hair Tools and How to Use Them ...
8 Helpful Hints on Hair Tools and How to Use Them ...

Check out these hair tool tips to learn how to choose and use the many hair styling aids out there! I love browsing the hair care aisle at the drugstore but I get dizzy just thinking about all the choices we have in hairbrushes and combs. If you’re like me and want to know which tool works best for your hair type or desired hairstyle, keep reading below to get all the details on the right hair tool tips!

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Paddle Brush

Paddle Brush Let’s start off this list of hair tool tips with one of the most popular types of hairbrushes out there, the paddle brush! This brush is wide and flat with the bristles in a soft cushion and can be used for a variety of hair types from short to long and thin to thick, but typically for straight hair. The cushion on the paddle brush helps contour to the shape of your head, stimulate your scalp and evenly distribute the natural oils from your scalp.


Vent Brush

Vent Brush This hairbrush has vents on one side which allow air to flow through the brush. This is best for creating volume at your roots and can be helpful to use while you’re giving yourself a blowout. The vents on the brush also help reduce dry time while blow drying your hair. Keep an eye on the tiny protective balls on the bristles, as they’re meant to protect your hair. If you notice that the bristle is exposed (on even one), it’s time to replace it or it can damage your hair!


Round Brush

Round Brush I experimented with this hairbrush when I was little and I’ve been scared to use it again ever since! Let’s just say it wasn’t mean to be wrapped around your hair multiple times and easily taken out! Use this brush when you’re trying to style your hair. You can use this on a variety of hair textures and the barrel comes in a variety of sizes to give your hair lift, curl and smoothness. You can also find round brushes with vents so they'll also let the air flow through your hair.


Wide Tooth Comb

Wide Tooth Comb This next hair tool is best for use to comb wet hair, detangle hair or use in the shower to comb conditioner through your hair. If you like to comb through your hair after you wash your hair, using this hair tool is a must! If you’re not using another type of tool that’s designed specifically for wet hair, you can rip or do other damage to your super fragile wet hair!


Fine-toothed Comb

Fine-toothed Comb Some people call this type of hair tool a teasing comb but the main idea behind this comb is that the teeth are smaller and placed close together, unlike its wide-toothed relative. The placement of the teeth and their size help you style your bangs, smooth out your hair, create a super precise part or backcomb your hair for volume and lift.


Styling Brush

Styling Brush This hairbrush has such a generic name but it does a lot! This curved brush, which some also refer to as a narrow paddle brush, helps create volume, styling both short and long hair for hairstyles that require precision and it can help detangle thick, kinky hair. The name of this hairbrush really captures what it does because you can use it to style everything from a bob to styling the ends of mid-length hair!


Cushion Brush

Cushion Brush The cushion brush looks similar to the paddle brush due to its shape and cushion back. It’s best for delicate hair because the air-filled cushion absorbs shock and the bristles collapse to protect your scalp and hair from the effects of aggressive hair brushing. This brush is best for straight hair that’s medium to long in length.


Mixed Bristle Brush

Mixed Bristle Brush This hairbrush can come in different shapes but the unique feature is that it utilizes different types of bristles. Normal to thick hair benefits the most from this hair tool and it can be used to detangle coarse hair. There are typically three main types of bristles: nylon (which includes rubber and plastic), boar and porcupine. Boar bristles are natural and great for use on children’s hair and delicate hair. Nylon bristles offer a range of hair control depending on the size and placement. Porcupine bristles can be used to control fine hair and give thick hair a good brushing.

These eight hairbrushes and combs are the most common types, but there are still tons of hybrids and other types of brushes out there! If you own a hairbrush that’s not recommended for your specific hair type but it works well for you, no worries! I would only consider changing the hairbrush if your current hair tool isn’t working well for you. What kind of hairbrush do you use?

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Very useful and helpful information .

I have all of them ever each of these brushes... Love it

i use a lot of those

I use the cushion brush and now I am on the hunt for a new one because I didn't realize it wasn't suited to my hair. It makes so much sense now. My life is a lie

how to grow hair soon 2inches in 2 months??

If you use only a wide tooth comb it will reduce breakage and spit ends

After what happened when i was a kid with the round brush i NEEVVEER touched it again x_x .

About the round brush, that is so true ! It wasnt meant for that. I was helping my grandma blowdry her hair and I rolled it all the way up & After a while she asked what was I doing in just that one spot because I was trying to get it out!

@Farah I has the same horrific experience with that kind of brush...never again!!

Thanks for the article! Very useful info

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