7 Must Know Tips for Women with Curly Hair ...


7 Must Know Tips for Women with Curly Hair ...
7 Must Know Tips for Women with Curly Hair ...

I have compiled a list of tips for women with curly hair because I am frequently asked what my process or technique is for my curls. If you have curly hair, you know that it can be totally awesome or totally frustrating to let your curls go wild and free. It takes time to find the right products for your specific curl pattern, and I have found that I have to change products as my hair grows in length. Regardless of the products you use, here is a list of 7 must know tips for women with curly hair that will help you with your overall technique.

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Air Dry when Possible

Air Dry when Possible If your hair is as curly as mine, it could take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to completely dry. But it's a great idea to let your hair air dry when possible. Why? Because too much heat is damaging to your curls. Also, curly hair is notorious for being dry, so allowing it to air dry will give your hair days off from being stripped of moisture through heat. I usually let my hair air dry on days when I don't have to look fierce (big hair days). The key is to find a few ways or rocking your curls wet. My favorite wet look is to simply pull some of my curls behind my ears and pin it down with bobby pins underneath. This keeps any wet hair off my face and I can shake the rest of my hair out to get volume as it drys.


Always Trim when Dry

Always Trim when Dry Please don't ever cut your hair wet; it can lead to disaster. Because curls tend to shrink when wet, you want to make sure you cut them at their dry length to prevent cutting too much off. I also learned from Shai Amiel (aka the Curl Doctor) that it's best to trim one curl at a time instead of cutting your curls in small clusters. This technique will also keep you from cutting too much hair.


Only Comb Curls in the Shower

I decided to only comb my curls in the shower while they were being conditioned a long time ago and have kept this technique. I noticed that when I combed my hair outside of the shower, as it dried, that it would get really frizzy. Also, the curls would begin to divide and my ringlets would turn into what appeared to be multiple textures of "curls." I don't know about you, but I prefer uniform curls as much as possible. If you follow this technique it should help you greatly in this area.


Dry Hair with Paper Towels

This sounds really weird, doesn't it? But this is another tip I learned from The Curl Master when he trimmed my hair recently. The reason behind this is that blotting the excess water from your hair after the shower with a towel can be too rough on your curls. If you use paper towels instead of a towel, you will remove excess water without risking possible hair follicle damage. I have only used this technique for a month now, but it seems to be working well.


Limit Flat Ironing

Personally I have never flat ironed my hair since going naturally curly several years ago. I think that I have been paranoid that the extreme heat would change my curls, so I have stayed away from flat ironing. However, several of my curly haired friends love an occasional flat iron to switch things up. Their curls always return, but some have noted a change in texture and consistency in curl pattern over time. If you want your curls to remain pristine, limit how much you flat iron your hair or avoid it completely.


The Pineapple Bun

This tip has worked wonders in my life but I have to warn you that you will look like a unicorn while you sleep. A friend of mine visited Ouidad salon for curls and they shared this tip with her. Before you go to sleep each night, bend over and flip your hair. Pull your hair securely to the peak of your forehead and place a scrunchie around it once. If your curls are really long you can twist it into a loose bun, in the same position on top of your forehead, and secure it with a scrunchie. I use a scrunchie because it's covered in cloth and won't wrap too tightly on your hair. The point in the Pineapple Bun is to prevent you from sleeping on your curls at night. In the morning you can shake your curls out and have fabulous 2nd or 3rd day curls without having to re-wash and style.


Embrace Your Curls

I know this probably sounds obvious but it's a tip that I can't recommend highly enough. When I transitioned from wearing my hair relaxed straight to naturally curly the hardest thing was for me to let my hair do its own thing. There are days when you probably feel like your curls have a life of their own and you have no control. I have come to a point where I'm at least trying to let go of total control over them. And I notice that on days where I just go with the flow they end up being great hair days! Stop fighting your curls, lady, and learn to embrace what you have!

These are just a few tips I have learned and applied to my routine for my curly hair. There are tons of tips and products out there that work for curly hair. What are some of your must know tips for curly hair?

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I live in a very hot and humid climate (Louisiana), I use shampoo and conditioner strictly for curly hair then I use a leave in conditioner for frizzy hair then I use soft curl gel by Miss Jessie then end with a smoothing milk, in all it keeps frizz down without making my hair crunchy.

Omg yes! My cousins and I all have thick curly hair, and they ALWAYS straighten it! I always tell them no, and to embrace their curls but the same excuse comes up "curly hair is to difficult to manage" now I can show them these tips and they won't have any excuses!

Tips 3 & 4 really aren't that accurate since your hair is at its weakest state when wet and combs manipulate your hair to much which can cause breakage. Also instead of wasting a bunch of paper towels just buy a microfiber towel; you can find them at the dollar store or Walmart.

Gonna make sure my stylist cuts my hair dry from now on. No more 4" shrinkage disasters

Nice job on this article! With my hair I comb it right when I get out of the shower then I wrap it with a towel very gently for about 1 minute. Then let it out, and comb again and put it in a light ponytail with a scrunchie then braid the rest down and wrap it then bobby pin it. In the morning it doesnt come down at all and looks great! I use Shea butter leave in conditioner really works wonders! Thanks for the post! :) Be careful coming it in the shower! Causes real bad split end and damage cause your hair is 70% more fragile when wet!

I just tried the old tshirt tip and I LOVE IT :). Thanks ladies.

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