15 Ridiculous Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing ...


15 Ridiculous Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing ...
15 Ridiculous Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing ...

Don’t let anyone tell you that there is something you absolutely have to do to your hair, because in fact, you may have been duped into believing ridiculous hair myths. There are so many different sayings and “rules” for your hair out there that it often becomes confusing to know which ones are actually helpful, and which ones are just downright silly. I’ll be your official ridiculous hair myths buster today to help you know what will help you, and what tips you can toss aside!

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Regular Trims = Hair Growth?

Regular Trims = Hair Growth? Have you ever heard someone say that regular trimming of hair leads to hair growth? Well, if you have, then that certain someone deserves a slap on the wrist for telling such a fib. While trimming does help to maintain and keep the hair healthy, and also to keep split ends at bay, it doesn’t affect the way that the hair actually grows. Hair grows from the roots, not the ends! This is not to say that you shouldn't trim regularly, please do! Just be aware that it doesn’t increase length or growth. Healthy hair just has the appearance of growth, unlike most people who might tell you about one of the most popular and ridiculous hair myths.


Using the Same Shampoo Often Lessens Its Effect

Using the Same Shampoo Often Lessens Its Effect After a while of using the same shampoo, it stops working. That sounds like the real deal, right? Wrong! It’s been spread around so much that many people believe this is true. It’s a good thing it isn’t either. I love my shampoo and I don't ever want to let go! The key component to ensuring your shampoo will work is to find one that is perfect for your hair type. There’s no real link to repeated use of your favorite shampoo and unhealthy hair. So if you like what you have, feel free to keep using it!


Don’t Pluck Gray Hairs, or More Will Grow

Don’t Pluck Gray Hairs, or More Will Grow Plucking gray hairs won’t make more of their counterparts grow as this ridiculous hair myth says. But, plucking the hair tends to irritate the follicle. Irritated follicles can lead to unhealthy hair, which is probably where the myth gets its origin! Try to stay away from bad plucking habits altogether if you can!


Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat

Shampoo, Rinse, Repeat I love the shampoo and rinse part, but when I hear this saying I often wonder if over-shampooing is really a good idea. Well, after doing a bit of research, I learned that my concern was indeed a real one! Shampooing only once is perfectly fine! You don’t have to repeat. In fact, it’s probably better if you don’t! If you ask a stylist, they’ll tell that shampooing more than once is actually not a good thing for your hair! See, I think I might have just saved you 5-10 minutes in the hair-washing process. Yay!


Comb Hair from Top to Bottom

Comb Hair from Top to Bottom Combing is a great way to detangle hair, and it should be detangled as often as possible to keep it healthy and protected. But, if you’ve heard this crazy myth, try not to feed into it! Combing hair from top to bottom can cause a lot of breakage, especially if it’s wet! Try starting at the ends, and working your way up from there!


Sunlight is a Healthy Way to Lighten Hair

Sunlight is a Healthy Way to Lighten Hair While sunlight often does the lightening on its own, it’s not exactly a method you should implement into your regimen. Despite popular belief, the scalp is very sensitive and can be prone to sunburn, damaged follicles, and can even leave your hair feeling dry and lackluster. So if you want to lighten your hair, try to do it with a more natural lightening product, and stay out of the harsh sun rays too frequently.


Certain Products Help Repair Split Ends

Certain Products Help Repair Split Ends At some point you have to consider exactly what caused the split ends. When you take a deeper look and realize that this hair is unhealthy, brittle, and poorly moisturized, it’s easier to understand that this hair may not be savable! It’s a sad thing to think about, but unfortunately this myth has been in place so long that everyone thinks it’s possible. In the future though, with the proper products, hair maintenance (trims, conditioners), you will be less likely to have split ends on a regular basis!


Brushing 100 Strokes per Night is Best

Brushing 100 Strokes per Night is Best While it is a good idea to keep your hair regularly brushed so tangling doesn't occur, and to stimulate your follicles, brushing your hair the famous "100 strokes at night before bed" won't help your hair grow or be any healthier. This is one myth you can be glad to knock out of your belief system, because most of us don't have time for that anyway. Give your hair a good brush before bed, and use a brush with tipped bristles so you don't tear your strands. Work out any tangles with your fingers if you can, and brush gently with your brush, just until your hair is nice and smooth.


Sleeping with Your Hair down Makes It Grow

Sleeping with Your Hair down Makes It Grow There's an old myth that says if you sleep with your hair down, it lets your scalp breathe, making it easier for your hair to grow. Well, this is just silly! In fact, sleeping with your hair down can cause tangles, and the oils from your hair can give you acne if your skin is sensitive, especially if you use hair products. It is better to twist your hair up in a loose clip or loose bun instead of tightly pulling it up, which will cause tearing. A loose clip or bun on top of your head keeps hair out of your face, and your scalp doesn't need to "breathe" to grow. It needs nourishment and easy handling!


Animal Foods Are Better Sources of Protein for Your Hair

Animal Foods Are Better Sources of Protein for Your Hair Many people in the meat and dairy industry try to make consumers believe that animal products are a cure all. One myth is that animal sources of protein will help your hair grow better than plant sources. Well, I can prove to you this is a myth, because I've lived it. Since eliminating meat and dairy from my diet, along with eggs, my hair has grown 6 inches in the last three months. I've filled my plate with plant proteins from spirulina, which is the most protein-rich food on the planet, hemp seeds, which are a perfect source of amino acids, chia seeds, raw plant protein powders and tons of leafy greens that are rich in protein and nutrients that nourish your hair from the inside out. As a bonus, this is a critter-friendly option, and my skin is glowing as a result too!


Your Hair Quits Growing at a Certain Point

Your Hair Quits Growing at a Certain Point You may have heard the myth that at a certain point, the hair will stop growing if it reaches its full potential length. This sounds quite silly, if you ask me, and it is a complete myth. The hair will grow as long as you want it to when you care for it properly, eat well, prevent and treat split ends, and handle it gently. Your diet effects most of your hair health, so be sure you eat lots of nutrient rich foods, avoid processed foods, and get enough clean sources of protein.


Gray Hair is Caused by Stress

Gray Hair is Caused by Stress Another myth in the world of hair is that gray hair causes stress. My mother likes to say her first gray hair is my fault, and I think she's only half joking! Yet, this hair myth is just that: a myth. Gray hair is caused by genetic influence, and research has shown that stress can affect your genes, but it would take a very long time for it to change your genes so much that it affects how fast your hair grays. Don't blame your hair turning gray on stress. It's got more to do with your genetic makeup and DNA than anything else.


Cold Water is Better for Your Hair

Cold Water is Better for Your Hair Many stylists are even known to give hair clients this hair myth, but it is just a myth, not true, so don't freeze yourself to death anymore, ladies! Cold water does not influence your hair health. However, extreme heat, whether from water or a hair dyer, or even the sun, can damage your hair. Warm water is best for a medium ground. In fact, cold water rinses may not efficiently rinse products out of your hair as well as warm water, and they don't make your hair any shinier. Though cold water can appear to make your hair shinier, lukewarm water is best to stimulate the follicles on your head, which can make your hair grow faster than cold water will.


Ponytails Reduce Dandruff

Ponytails Reduce Dandruff This myth states that if you put your hair up in a ponytail, tie it up in a bun, or put it up in a different way, you'll prevent or get rid of dandruff. While these are all cute styles, though, they don't do a thing for dandruff! This method will hide any flakes, but from there you need to take care of your hair and eliminate the snow with the right products.


Using Food on Your Hair is the Best Conditioner

Using Food on Your Hair is the Best Conditioner If you believe slathering your hair with olive oil, beer and mayonnaise will make your hair healthier than some special commercial conditioners, guess again. While there's nothing wrong with these foods, they can cause your hair to be greasy, and they don't make hair any healthier than some really great commercial products do. Whatever you choose, if you buy a commercial product, just be sure to buy one without alcohol, silicons, or other drying agents like sulfate, which aren't good for your hair. If you really like smothering your hair with your food though, it certainly won't hurt you one little bit!

It’s a shame that these ridiculous hair myths are so vastly popular that everyone believes in them. Hopefully I’ve made you become an unbeliever in these myths that can actually harm proper hair care. There are tons more you can check out too. Are there any ridiculous hair myths that you were surprised to hear were untrue?

Sources: stylelist.com

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Genetics is mainly the culprit in how quickly your hair starts to go grey.

It really seems like stress causes grey hair.

Well trimming my hair on certain days has encouraged my hair growth by ridding it of split ends that work their way up the hair shaft..just like trimming off dead leafs on plants allows for proper growth..whether anyone agrees or not..true our grows from the root but removing the splits end helps a lot

i found it kind of shocking what silicones do to your hair and that they are in almost all products. they are creating a layer around your hair which makes it look better first, but after a while, as the layer gets thicker with every wash, your hair gets heavier and the conditioners and masks can't go through this layer anymore, so your actual hair inside doesn't receive the care. you can wash them off only with special cleaning shampoos, first your hair doesn't look too good, as your real, damaged hair appears, but after a while of using silicone free products it totally pays off!

The worst (and stupid) myth ive heard is that long hair constrain you're height growth, im 5'2 and used to have hair below my waist and for years people would explain me how my hair took over my "growth energy" lol

Wow I can't believe how many of these myths I have always believed and followed!!!

Cold water helps your hair keep its oils. When you use warm or hot water it rinses out most of your natural oils causing drier hair. Cold water also makes your hair shinier

Not all is true here. I've been using olive oil ad a deep conditioner and it works wonders. It makes my hair healty and strong. And Im not the only one using it. And trimming the hair every 6-8 weeks also helps because it gets rid of split ends and makes the hair healthier and healthy hair grows faster than dry damaged hair 😊

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