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7 Tips for Getting over the Initial Shock after Changing Your Hair Color ...

By Jelena

Changing your hair color could be a girl’s worst nightmare! Sure, the color might be great, but what if it doesn’t turn out okay? And how the heck are we supposed to know what’s okay when our brains register mostly shock? Well, don’t give up on your new look just yet! Here are a few trick to help you get used to it faster:

1 Style It

One of the best ways to feel a bit better after changing your hair color is to spend some time experimenting with it! Style it immediately, even if you’re not planning on going anywhere – “bad” and “different” are easy to confuse and a messy mane does nothing to help ease the transition. Styling will enable you to try different looks and show off your new color in the best way…and if somewhere along the road, you do end up realizing your choice of color had not been the right one…well, you can always go back!

2 Ask for a Second Opinion

Ask for a Second OpinionNot sure whether you love or hate your new hair color? An honest, unbiased opinion could tip the scales and help you decide on whether you want to keep it. Consult a couple of people who never had a problem offering both constructive criticism and honest praise, and ask them to list pros and cons.


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3 Experiment with Makeup

Experiment with MakeupMajor hair color changes can get a bit tricky makeup-wise so be prepared to start from scratch and not freak out in case makeup tricks that used to work wonderfully before, now make you look like a drag queen. Now is the perfect time to experiment with makeup and find a look that matches your new hair color.

4 Give Yourself Time to Get Used to It

Give Yourself Time to Get Used to ItSubtle, radical, trendy – my hair has certainly been through a lot color-wise and if I could single out just one thing I’ve learned from it, it would have to be the “count to ten” attitude towards changes. Give yourself at least a week before you decide to dye over or experiment further – everything takes some getting used to and hair is no different.

5 Revise Your Hair Care Routine

Revise Your Hair Care RoutineIs your hair lacking a certain something? Maybe it’s not as voluminous as it used to be? Maybe it feels a bit dry? Time to hit your favorite beauty supply and get a few new hair care products that will make your locks look absolutely flawless and make you start loving your new color a lot more.

6 Update Your Cut

Update Your CutNew color, new cut – try it if you’re bold! It doesn’t have to be a big change, though…a few layers or bangs will work just as good and make you feel more comfortable with even the most drastic of hair color changes.

7 Say “Cheese!”

Say “Cheese!”Last but not least, how about a photo-session? Yes, I’m being serious! Get your hair and makeup done then ask someone to snap a couple of photos. The best way to determine whether or not the chosen color really works for you is to try to see yourself through the eyes of someone else. And since that’s not physically possible, the camera lens is your best bet.

Have you ever had troubles getting used to new hair color and do you have a few of your own tricks for overcoming the awkwardness?

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