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7 Natural and Logical Reasons to Cut Your Hair Short ...

By Lezlie

I can think of a few reasons to cut your hair short, can you? Most of my life I was known for having long hair but I always wanted to know what it was like to have short hair. I noticed women with short hair and how it framed their faces and how confident they seemed, and I wanted to know what that was like. So around my 26th birthday I went for it. It was one of the best decisions of my life and I wanted to share with you a few reasons to cut your hair short too, if you are considering it.

1 Confidence

Confidence tops this list of reasons to cut your hair short because you will grow in it whether you intend to or not. It's easy to use your hair as a blanket to hide behind, so if it's not there you'll have no choice but to be bold. There is so much value placed on hair, sometimes too much in my opinion. I think it's easy to feel confident with a head full of flowing hair because that is the image we are usually shown as beautiful. But can you be confident without the long flowing hair? If so, you will find that your confidence will come from a deeper internal place.

2 Revelation

When I cut my hair off I learned a lot about myself and the people around me quickly. I thought that my longer straighter hair was prettier than my naturally curly hair. I didn't realize it when I wore my hair straight, it wasn't until after I chopped it off that I had this revelation. I also learned that me cutting my hair made many people uncomfortable because in their eyes it was a bit rebellious. Women would come up to me often and share that they wished they could do it but wouldn't dare. This lead to many interesting conversations.

3 Fresh Start

I've known women who have cut their hair short after a major life change or, even better, before the major change happened. They say that a woman who cuts off her hair is about to change her life and I must say I have noticed the correlation. I think it's an easy way to mark your fresh start in life. Maybe you are ending a long dead end relationship, or maybe you are moving to another country and a hair cut will add to the excitement.

4 Inspiration

I think that cutting your hair short is another way to inspire others. I have a friend who cut her hair short and donated her beautiful locks to an organization that made wigs for ladies with cancer. Her hair is back to the length it was before and someone out there in the world has a beautiful wig to get them through a difficult time in life.

5 Your Face

When you cut your hair short you may notice that people give you double and triple takes. You also may notice things about your face that you never noticed before. This is because your face is going to be on display. You'll be like one of those fabulous busts you see on display in a museum with your face all out. You will probably feel vulnerable the first week but that quickly passes and the payoff will be worth the vulnerability.

6 Change

Another natural reason to cut your hair short is because you want, or need, a change. I cut my hair off after I graduated college. I wore my hair the same way from the time I was in middle school until my early 20s. I colored it a few times but that eventually got old. So I wanted a really big change and the biggest change I could think of was short hair. The cool thing about this change is that if you decide to grow it long again, you will go through several lengths and can have fun along the way with each.

7 Quick Routine

Wash and go, ladies! I couldn't believe how fast and easy it was to get ready in the morning when my hair was short. I just had to run some leave in conditioner and apply a little makeup and voila! My morning routine took 10 minutes tops. Short hair is also great if you work out often because you can wash and go when you're finished breaking a sweat.

I guess short hair isn't for everyone. But if you have ever considered cutting your hair short for a season then I hope this list encouraged you. Have you taken the leap yet and done it or are you still thinking about it? If so, what is stopping you?

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