7 Tips to Get Rid of Hat Hair ...


7 Tips to Get Rid of Hat Hair ...
7 Tips to Get Rid of Hat Hair ...

Don’t let frizzy or static hair get you down because I’ve got seven useful tips to get rid of hat hair. Hats are supposed to help conceal bad hair days, not cause them! Hats not only make a great hair cover-up, but they’re also super stylish and they keep our head and ears warm in the colder weather. These tips to get rid of hat hair are simple and easy so it won’t take a lot of your time. I mean, who has time to deal with bad hair? So whether you prefer beanies, cloche hats, berets or knit caps, you can now wear them without worrying about embarrassing hat hair!

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Dryer Sheet

One of the tips to get rid of hat hair that’s super quick and easy is to use unscented dryer sheets. You can rub the dryer sheet on your brush or comb before you use it or apply the dryer sheet directly on your hair. You can also keep your hairbrush and comb wrapped in a dryer sheet to save time. Just make sure you don’t use a scented dryer sheet as the scent can linger in your hair. But, if you like the smell of your dryer sheets, go for it!


Condition Hair

Hat hair seems to be most noticeable on dry, dehydrated hair so doing some deep conditioning will help prevent dreaded hat hair. Since our hair is exposed to the dry air from heaters and such, it’s not a bad idea to do some extra deep conditioning treatments or leave-in conditioners to keep hair happy anyway. You can also fill up on foods like walnuts, salmon, eggs and spinach, which are also known to have lots of benefits for your hair.


Lock in Volume

While we’re learning how to get rid of hat hair, let’s not forget we can also take steps to prevent it from happening in the first place. Hats trap heat, so if we want to avoid a flat, frizzy look when we take our hat off, we need to volumize our hair before we put on our hat to lock in the volume and style. Use a root volumizer or other root lifting hair product and massage it in. Next, use your blow dryer on low heat and apply the heat to the opposite of your usual part.


Braid It

If you’re short on time, another option to prevent hat hair is to braid your hair or wear it in a bun or ponytail. All of those styles keep your hair together tightly so your hat can’t crush or cause it to frizz like crazy. You can always undo your hair once you arrive at your destination so you don’t have to do the style perfectly.


Fix It

If you tried your best to avoid hat hair but your hair is still misbehaving, you can always fix it once you get to wherever you’re going. Stash a travel-sized version of your favorite hair care product in your bag along with a brush or comb, and run to the ladies room to give your hair a little fluff. You can also spray your brush with a little hairspray and brush it through your hair. Water or lotion can work just as well to help calm flyaways and revive hair.


Check Your Hat

Have you ever thought about your beloved hat being the cause of or contributing to hat hair? Some materials like wool or synthetic materials tend to promote frizz. Cotton and cashmere appear to be more hair-friendly than other materials. Check your hat’s materials and try switching if it’s made of synthetic material. It could make a huge difference in your hair!


Wear Loose Hats

Lastly, wearing a loose-fitting hat can also help prevent dents and flat hair. Wearing a loose hat will prevent those dreaded dents in your hair and forehead and not crush your hairstyle so much. Most times we aren’t in need of super tight-fitting or stiff-brimmed hats anyway, so why put your hair and head through the torture?

I hope these tips to get rid of hat hair were helpful for you. Hats are fun and functional accessories that are so appropriate for fall, don’t let the fear of bad hair prevent you from wearing one. How do you get rid of hat hair?

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So helpful

I have a severe loathing for static!!! People think I'm crazy, but I have a travel sized can of static guard in my purse in winter always! Large cans at home, usually 1 can on each floor of house for clothes, furniture, hair or whatever! Spray your brushes & combs before you use them, sometimes I spray directly on my hair! I've used this trick since I was a teen!

I'm wearing a hat today and this is so helpful!

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